[GnuCash] Escrow account

Stefano Canepa tp@lists.linux.it
Sat Mar 8 19:12:02 2003

Saturday 08 March 2003, alle 14:52, Lorenzo Cappelletti:
: Cos' un "escrow account"?  Ecco qui la definizione che ne danno gli
: sviluppatori di GnuCash.
: #. "A trusted third party that holds a payment or deposit until a
: transaction is completed. In the US, many mortgage companies set up an
: escrow account when you get a mortgage.  You pay into the account every
: month and they disburse amounts out of the escrow to pay for hazard
: insurance and property taxes. So they are holding funds 'in escrow' to
: complete the transactions (paying insurance and taxes)."
: msgid "escrow (account)"
: msgstr ""
Fido? Fideiussione? Guarda su www.dict.org anche se i dizionari usati
non sono bilingue spesso mi aiuta ad uscire da casini. 


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