[GnuCash] Glossary 1.7.4

Lorenzo Cappelletti tp@lists.linux.it
Mon Mar 17 23:57:01 2003

Tanto per battere il ferro finch=E9 =E8 caldo...  Vi mando, nella speranza
che possiate dargli un'occhiata, un file .po del progetto GnuCash.  Tale
file non =E8 usato direttamente nel programma, ma raccoglie le
definizioni pi=F9 importanti, dandone spesso una breve spiegazione, dei
termini pi=F9 ricorrenti.

# GnuCash Glossary - Italian version
# Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Alessandro Seveso <aleseveso@tiscalinet.it>, 2002;
# Lorenzo Cappelletti <L.Cappelletti@mail.com>, 2002 2003;
# Lorenzo Cappelletti <lorenzo.cappelletti@email.it>, 2003.
# - I messaggi ancora dubbi sono marcati come fuzzy.
# - Quando qui sono indicate pi=F9 traduzioni, la prima =E8 quella usata
#   nel .po vero del programma.
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"Project-Id-Version: gnucash-glossary 1.7.4\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2002-12-02 14:51MET\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2003-03-14 23:44+0100\n"
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#. "English Definition"
msgid "Term"
msgstr "Termine"

#. "A detailed record of money spent and received"
msgid "account"
msgstr "conto"

#. "-"
msgid "account code"
msgstr "numero conto"

#. "the tree view of all accounts"
msgid "account hierarchy"
msgstr "struttura conti"

#. "-"
msgid "account name"
msgstr "nome conto"

#. "A thing, esp. owned by a person or company, that has value and can be u=
sed or sold to pay debts"
msgid "account type: Asset"
msgstr "tipo conto: attivo, attivit=E0"

#. "(esp. US) (Brit =3D current account) a bank account from which money ca=
n be withdrawn without previous notice"
msgid "account type: checking"
msgstr "tipo conto: conto corrente"

#. "-"
msgid "account type: currency"
msgstr "tipo conto: valuta, conto finanziario"

#. "see: Equity"
msgid "account type: Equity"
msgstr "tipo conto: capitale, valore netto"

#. "-"
msgid "account type: Expense"
msgstr "tipo conto: uscite"

#. "-"
msgid "account type: Income"
msgstr "tipo conto: entrate"

#. "A debt, a financial obligation"
msgid "account type: Liability"
msgstr "tipo conto: passivo, passivit=E0, obbligazione, debito"

#. "-"
msgid "account type: money-market"
msgstr "tipo conto: mercato monetario"

#. "-"
msgid "account type: Mutual fund"
msgstr "tipo conto: fondi comuni"

#. "1. (US) any type of account that earns interest 2. (Brit) any type of b=
ank account that earns a higher level of interest than a current account or=
 deposit account"
msgid "account type: saving"
msgstr "tipo conto: di risparmio"

#. "-"
msgid "account type: Stock"
msgstr "tipo conto: azionario"

#. "-"
msgid "account: parent account"
msgstr "conto: conto padre"

#. "-"
msgid "account: subaccount"
msgstr "conto: sottoconto"

#. "-"
msgid "account: top level account"
msgstr "conto: conto livello principale"

#. "The process of doing something that caused a transaction to happen"
msgid "Action (register)"
msgstr "Operazione (registro)"

# Non vorrei che Bancomat fosse uno degli sportelli di prelievo possibili.
#. "Automated teller machine"
msgid "action: ATM"
msgstr "operazione: Bancomat, sportello automatico"

#. "Transaction was an auto deposit"
msgid "action: autoDep"
msgstr "operazione: autodep"

#. "-"
msgid "action: buy"
msgstr "operazione: acquisto, compera, spesa"

#. "-"
msgid "action: deposit"
msgstr "operazione: deposito, versamento"

#. "When people can automatically deduct money straight from your account. =
The reverse of Direct Deposit."
#, fuzzy
msgid "action: direct debit"
msgstr "operazione: RID (Rimessa Interbancaria Diretta)"

#. "transaction is a distribution (???)"
msgid "action: dist"
msgstr "operazione: dist, distribuzione"

#. "transaction is a dividend"
msgid "action: div"
msgstr "operazione: div, dividendo"

#. "-"
msgid "action: fee"
msgstr "operazione: onorario, emolumento, parcella, commissione, tassa"

#. "transaction comes from interest"
msgid "action: int"
msgstr "operazione: int, interessi"

#. "-"
msgid "action: loan"
msgstr "operazione: mutuo, prestito"

#. "see: payment 1."
msgid "action: payment"
msgstr "operazione: pagamento"

#. "-"
msgid "action: POS"
msgstr "operazione: POS"

#. "-"
msgid "action: rebate"
msgstr "operazione: rimborso, riduzione, deduzione, detrazione, sconto"

#. "-"
msgid "action: sell"
msgstr "operazione: vendita"

#. "-"
msgid "action: Teller"
msgstr "operazione: banchiere"

#. "see: transfer 2. (=3Dcredit transfer)"
msgid "action: transfer"
msgstr "operazione: trasferimento"

#. "-"
#, fuzzy
msgid "action: wire"
msgstr "operazione:"

#. "-"
msgid "action: withdraw"
msgstr "operazione: prelievo"

#. "A sum of money"
msgid "amount"
msgstr "importo, ammontare, totale, competenze"

#. "The result of adding several amounts together and then dividing this to=
tal by the number of amounts"
msgid "average"
msgstr "media"

#. "The amount of money that is in one's account"
msgid "balance (noun)"
msgstr "saldo, pareggio"

#. "A written record of money received and paid out, showing the difference=
 between the two total amounts"
msgid "balance sheet"
msgstr "bilancio"

#. "To arrange for income and spending to be equal"
msgid "balance, to"
msgstr "essere in pareggio, pareggiare, saldare, chiudere i conti, quadrare"

#. "-"
msgid "bank"
msgstr "banca"

#. "A written statement of money owed for goods or services supplied. In Gn=
ucash, a 'bill' is a statement that we received, whereas an 'invoice' is on=
e that we sent out."
msgid "bill"
msgstr "ricevuta, scontrino"

#. "Conditions on paying a bill. Both an invoice and a bill have billing te=
rms. For example, you can have 'terms' of 'Net-30', where the bill is due i=
n full in 30 days."
msgid "billing terms"
msgstr "termini di pagamento"

#. "-"
msgid "business (adjective)"
msgstr "commerciale"

#. "as Menu Item: Headline for features that are related to small business =
msgid "business (noun)"
msgstr "affare"

#. "Profits made from the sale of investments or property"
msgid "capital gains"
msgstr "utile del capitale"

#. "Distinguishing the uppercase and lowercase letters"
msgid "case sensitive"
msgstr "maiuscolo/minuscolo"

#. "Money in coins or notes"
msgid "cash"
msgstr "denaro contante, contante, liquidi"

#. "(esp. US) (=3D cheque) A special printed form on which one writes an or=
der to a bank to pay a sum of money from one's account to another person"
msgid "check"
msgstr "assegno"

#. "To repair unbalanced transactions and orphan splits in an account tree.=
 Any transactions that have debits !=3D credits will get a balancing split =
added (pointing to a special new account called 'Imbalance'). Any splits th=
at do not have accounts are put into another special account called 'Orphan=
'. Formerly known as 'to scrub'."
msgid "check and repair, to"
msgstr "controllare e riparare"

#. "To end an application's relationship with an open file so that the appl=
ication will no longer be able to access the file without opening it again.=
msgid "close, to"
msgstr "chiudere"

#. "An article that is bought and sold. The most general term of what an ac=
count keeps track of, e.g. a currency or a stock."
msgid "commodity"
msgstr "titolo (prodotto, valuta)"

#. "e.g. NASDAQ"
msgid "commodity listing"
msgstr "listino azionario"

#. "the smallest amount of a commodity that's traded (e.g. 1/100 for USD, 1=
 for most stocks)"
msgid "commodity option: fraction"
msgstr "frazione"

#. "e.g. USD, DEM"
msgid "commodity option: Symbol"
msgstr "opzione titolo: simbolo"

#. "(a) A sum of money paid into an account. (b) A record of such a payment=
. (c) The state of having money in one's bank account."
msgid "Credit (column in register)"
msgstr "Avere, entrata (colonna nel registro)"

#. "-"
msgid "Credit Card"
msgstr "Carta di credito"

#. "A transfer of money direct from one bank account to another, without us=
ing a cheque"
msgid "credit transfer"
msgstr "bonifico"

#. "The system of money used in a country"
msgid "currency"
msgstr "valuta"

#. "Custom print format (i.e. according to the user's wishes) as opposed to=
 a template choice."
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "Personalizzato"

#. "The backend where the data is stored."
msgid "database"
msgstr "database"

#. "A specific numbered day of the month"
msgid "Date"
msgstr "Data"

#. "DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY or something else"
msgid "date format"
msgstr "formato data"

#. "A range in time that is delimited by two distinct dates."
msgid "date range"
msgstr "intervallo temporale, di tempo"

#. "(a) A written note in an account of a sum owed or paid out. (b) A sum w=
ithdrawn from an account."
msgid "Debit (column in register)"
msgstr "Avere, uscita (colonna nel registro)"

#. "Each option has a default setting that it is shipped with, until the us=
er changes the setting."
msgid "default"
msgstr "predefinito"

#. "see credit"
msgid "deposit (in the reconcile dialog)"
msgstr "versamento (nella finestra di riconciliazione)"

#. "The process of something becoming less valuable"
msgid "depreciation"
msgstr "deprezzamento"

#. "1. One textfield per transaction. The text in it should describe what t=
he transaction was about. A short descriptive phrase (up to 40 chars) 2. On=
e textfield per account. It is intended to be a longer, 1-5 sentence descri=
ption of what this account is all about."
msgid "Description (column in register)"
msgstr "Descrizione (colonna nel registro)"

#. "Important Buzzword :)"
msgid "double entry"
msgstr "doppia entrata"

#. "a person who works for somebody or a company in return for wages"
msgid "employee"
msgstr "lavoratore"

#. "1. The money value of a property after all charges on it have been paid=
. Equity isn't debt, it's a representation of long-term capital (So combini=
ng it with liability isn't really very meaningful, except in the balance sh=
eet. 2. (a) The value of the shares issued by  a company. (b) Ordinary stoc=
ks and shares that carry no fixed interest."
#, fuzzy
msgid "equity"
msgstr "1. valore netto  2. (a)  (b)"

#. "A trusted third party that holds a payment or deposit until a transacti=
on is completed. In the US, many mortgage companies set up an escrow accoun=
t when you get a mortgage.  You pay into the account every month and they d=
isburse amounts out of the escrow to pay for hazard insurance and property =
taxes. So they are holding funds 'in escrow' to complete the transactions (=
paying insurance and taxes)."
msgid "escrow (account)"
msgstr ""

#. "The relation in value between the money used in different countries"
msgid "exchange rate"
msgstr "tasso di scambio"

#. "in the account creation dialog??"
msgid "field"
msgstr "campo"

#. "Any piece of information (text, graphics, executable) put together and =
given a name. All the information you have on the hard drive is arranged as=
 a collection of  files."
msgid "file"
msgstr "file"

#. "-"
msgid "file type"
msgstr "tipo di file"

#. "-"
msgid "financial calculator: interest rate"
msgstr "calcolatrice finanziaria: tasso d'interesse"

#. "see: payment"
msgid "financial calculator: payments"
msgstr "calcolatrice finanziaria: pagamenti"

#. "An increase in wealth; profit; advantage (See also: capital gains)"
msgid "gain"
msgstr "guadagno"

#. "Name of an automaticly created account to get imbalanced transactions b=
ack in balance"
msgid "imbalance"
msgstr "sbilancio"

#. "Process of extracting data from a non-Gnucash format into a Gnucash fil=
e. E.g. QIF Import."
msgid "import"
msgstr "importare"

#. "Money charged for borrowing money, or paid to somebody who invests mone=
msgid "interest"
msgstr "interesse"

#. "A list of goods sold or services provided together with the prices char=
ged; see also: a bill. In Gnucash, an 'invoice' is a statement that we sent=
 out, whereas a 'bill' is one that we received."
msgid "invoice"
msgstr "fattura"

#. "In small business accounting: A piece of work or task undertaken on ord=
er at a stated rate?????"
msgid "job"
msgstr "lavoro, compito"

#. "A book in which a bank, business firm, etc. records its financial accou=
msgid "ledger"
msgstr "libro mastro, mastro"

#. "The heading for the right side of the balance sheet. See also: Equity."
msgid "liabilities/equity"
msgstr "passivit=E0/nette"

#. "A sum of money that is lent (by a bank)"
msgid "loan"
msgstr "prestito"

#. "The money lost in business activity"
msgid "loss"
msgstr "perdita"

#. "name of an automatically created account"
msgid "Lost Accounts"
msgstr "Conti persi"

#. "The thing that the scatter plot uses to mark each data point"
msgid "marker"
msgstr "marcatore"

#. "The way how more than one window is displayed in GnuCash at the same ti=
me. MDI =3D Multiple Document Interface."
msgid "MDI modus"
msgstr "modalit=E0 MDI"

#. "One textfield per split that should help you remember what this split w=
as about."
msgid "Memo"
msgstr "memo"

#. "(a) An agreement by which money is lent by a bank for buying a house or=
 other property, the property being the security. (b) A sum of money lent i=
n this way."
msgid "Mortgage"
msgstr "mutuo"

#. "e.g. USD, DEM, see Currency."
msgid "national currency"
msgstr "valuta nazionale"

#. "(of money) remaining when nothing more is to be taken away"
msgid "net"
msgstr "netto"

#. "net total of all assets"
msgid "net assets"
msgstr "attivo netto"

#. "The total income minus the total expenses of a given time period."
msgid "net profit"
msgstr "utile netto"

#. "Your net worth is your assets minus your liabilities. If your accounts =
are balanced, your net worth should equal your equity plus your net profit."
msgid "net worth"
msgstr "guadagno netto"

#. "One textfield per transaction that can hold explanatory text about the =
msgid "notes (register)"
msgstr "note (registro)"

#. "Abbreviation for: number; Field in a transaction. If this transaction w=
as done by check, then the check number should be noted in this field."
msgid "Num (column in register)"
msgstr "Nr. (colonna nel registro)"

#. "to make accessible"
msgid "open, to"
msgstr "aprire"

#. "If an account starts with a non-zero balance, then this amount is calle=
d the opening balance."
msgid "opening balance"
msgstr "bilancio d'apertura"

#. "A menu choice in the graphical user interface that allows the user to s=
pecify how the application will act each time it is used. "
msgid "options"
msgstr "opzioni"

#. "In small business accounting: unused term at the moment (maybe: a parti=
cular piece of work, maybe created through an order from a customer???)"
msgid "order"
msgstr "ordine"

#. "Name of an automatically created account that holds splits that have no=
msgid "orphan"
msgstr "orfano"

#. "A secret phrase that one needs to know in order to get access to a user=
 account "
msgid "passphrase"
msgstr "frase segreta"

#. "An amount that must be paid / An amount for which money has not yet bee=
n received"
msgid "Payables/Receivables"
msgstr "Pagabile/esigibile"

#. "A person to whom sth is paid"
msgid "payee"
msgstr "creditore, beneficiario"

#. "A person who pays or who has to pay for sth"
msgid "payer"
msgstr "pagatore, pagante, debitore"

#. "1. The action of paying sb/sth or of being paid. 2. A sum of money paid=
msgid "payment"
msgstr "pagamento"

#. "An account where no transactions may be posted to; transactions can onl=
y be posted to subaccounts of this account, so this account serves as a pla=
ceholder in the hierarchy"
msgid "placeholder"
msgstr "segnaposto"

#. "A set of investments owned by a person"
msgid "portfolio"
msgstr "portafoglio, paniere"

#. "A menu choice in many graphical user interface applications that allows=
 the user to specify how the application will act each time it is used. "
msgid "preferences"
msgstr "preferenze"

#. "An amount of money for which sth may be bought or sold"
msgid "price (in a split)"
msgstr "prezzo (in una suddivisione)"

#. "An ask is an offer to sell, and the price you want to sell at."
msgid "price type: ask"
msgstr "tipo prezzo: lettera"

#. "A bid is an offer to buy, and the price you want to buy at."
msgid "price type: bid"
msgstr "tipo prezzo: denaro"

#. "online quotes (rather: quotation!?) A statement of the current price of=
 stocks or commodities"
msgid "price: quotes"
msgstr "prezzo: quotazioni"

#. "Money gained in business, esp. the difference between the amount earned=
 and the amount spent"
msgid "profit"
msgstr "utile, profitto"

#. "(rather: profit and loss account!?) A list that shows the amount of mon=
ey spent compared with the amount earned by a business in a particular peri=
msgid "Profit & Loss"
msgstr "profitti e perdite"

#. "-"
msgid "quick-fill"
msgstr "riempimento veloce"

#. "-"
msgid "rebalance, to (a transaction)"
msgstr "ripareggiare (un movimento)"

#. "reconcile an account, a reconciled split. To find a way to make the ban=
k's account statement agree with the user's recorded transactions in an acc=
msgid "reconcile, to"
msgstr "riconciliare"

#. "-"
msgid "record keeping"
msgstr ""

#. "A list of items; a book containing such a list"
msgid "register"
msgstr "registro (termine generico e pi=F9 comprensibile)"

#. "A transaction that is divided into two or more parts"
msgid "register entry: split transaction"
msgstr "elemento di registro: movimento suddiviso"

#. "-"
msgid "register entry: stock split"
msgstr "elemento di registro: scissione azionaria"

#. "one form of register"
msgid "register: auto-split ledger"
msgstr "registro: (libro) mastro auto-suddiviso"

#. "another form of register"
msgid "register: basic ledger"
msgstr "registro: (libro) mastro di base"

#. "another form of register"
msgid "register: general ledger"
msgstr "registro: (libro) mastro generale"

#. "another form of register"
msgid "register: transaction journal"
msgstr "registro: libro giornale"

#. "reload the current document"
msgid "reload, to"
msgstr "ricaricare"

#. "name of an equity account (?); to be distinguished from the opening bal=
#, fuzzy
msgid "Retained Earnings"
msgstr "guadagno ritenuto"

#. "To write data (typically a file) to a storage medium, such as a disk or=
msgid "save, to (to a file)"
msgstr "salvare (su un file)"

#. "A transaction or reminder of a transaction that can be automatically ex=
ecuted at a specific time. It can be executed either once, or several times=
 at regular intervals."
msgid "Scheduled Transaction"
msgstr "movimento calendarizzato"

#. "DEPRECATED. To repair unbalanced transactions and orphan splits in an a=
ccount tree. Any transactions that have debits !=3D credits will get a bala=
ncing split added (pointing to a special new account called 'Imbalance'). A=
ny splits that do not have accounts are put into another special account ca=
lled 'Orphan'. Deprecated - use the term 'to check and repair' now."
msgid "scrub, to"
msgstr "cancellare, annullare"

#. "A document or certificate showing who owns shares"
msgid "security"
msgstr "certificato, ipoteca, titoli, obbligazioni"

#. "-"
msgid "Share Balance (register)"
msgstr "bilancio quote (registro)"

#. "Any of the equal parts into which the money of a business company is di=
vided, giving the holder a right to a portion of the profits"
msgid "shares"
msgstr "quota"

#. "(of a price) A place wfrom which sth comes or is obtained"
msgid "source"
msgstr "sorgente"

#. "One of the two or several parts a transaction is divided into"
msgid "split"
msgstr "suddivisione"

#. "This sets the particular design or shape of a report."
msgid "style sheet"
msgstr "foglio di stile"

#. "The total of a set of figures that are part of a larger group of figure=
msgid "subtotal"
msgstr "subtotale"

#. "field of an account"
msgid "tax info"
msgstr "info imposte"

#. "if you create a new e.g. style sheet, you can start from a template"
msgid "template"
msgstr "esempio"

#. "see: date range"
msgid "time period"
msgstr "periodo di tempo"

#. "as abbreviation for Total"
msgid "Tot"
msgstr "Tot"

#. "The full number or amount: total of some balances, of any account's run=
ning balance etc."
msgid "total"
msgstr "totale"

#. "A piece of business done; the transfer of money from one account to one=
 or more other accounts. (see also: Scheduled Transaction)"
msgid "transaction"
msgstr "movimento"

#. "A transaction whose amount has actually been moved. The word comes from=
 checks: a check is issued, but several steps have to be done until the amo=
unt is actually retrieved from the bank account, which is the point in time=
 where that transaction (check) gets cleared."
msgid "transaction state: cleared"
msgstr "stato movimento: compensato, tolto, eliminato"

#. "-"
msgid "transaction state: frozen"
msgstr "stato movimento: congelato"

#. "A transaction that was reconciled with the bank's statement."
msgid "transaction state: reconciled"
msgstr "stato movimento: riconciliato"

#. "A transaction that is void i.e. not valid (anymore)."
msgid "transaction state: voided"
msgstr "stato movimento: non valido"

#. "1. The action of transferring sth. 2. see: credit transfer"
msgid "transfer (noun)"
msgstr "trasferimento"

#. "The account where an amount is transferred to"
msgid "transfer account"
msgstr "conto destinazione"

#. "To move money from one account to another. Will create a transaction."
msgid "transfer, to (register toolbar)"
msgstr "trasferire (barra degli attrezzi del registro)"

#. "A class or things that have characteristics in common; type of an accou=
nt, of a commodity etc."
msgid "type"
msgstr "tipo"

#. "A fixed amount or number used as a standard of measurement; e.g. millim=
eters, inch; for absolute positioning in the custom check format."
msgid "units"
msgstr "unit=E0"

#. "-"
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"

#. "The worth of sth in terms of money or other commodities for which it ca=
n be exchanged"
msgid "value (in a split)"
msgstr "valore (in una suddivisione)"

#. "In small business accounting: A person or company that sells items and =
is supplying goods"
msgid "vendor"
msgstr "fornitore"

#. "see debit"
msgid "withdraw (in the reconcile dialog)"
msgstr "prelievo (in una finestra di riconciliazione)"

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