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Dom 6 Giu 2004 15:41:02 CEST

Guido Spadotto interpellò:

> Ciao,
>  ho scritto a Dodji Seketeli (l'autore di mlview) per chiarimenti,
> riporto qui sotto parte della sua risposta:


>>> I need to ask you some explanations about the messages you use in
>>>> MLView in order to translate them properly.
>>>> Here we go:
>>>> 1: What is a "PI node"?
>> A PI Node is a "Processing instruction node". It's serialized as 
>> <?target foo?>
>> Where foo can be any serie of valid character. The formal definition of
>> PIs can be found at .
>> PIs, are used to allow xml documents to contain instructions for
>> applications. An example of PI could be <?xml-stylesheet 
>> href="a-custom.css" type="text/css"?> . This would
>> instruct the application to associate a Cascading stylesheet to the xml
>> document.

Rimarrebbe quindi "nodo PI".

>>>> 2: When you talk about a "subset" do you mean a "[sub]tree" of an XML
>>>>     document?
>> A subset is a xml-ism to refer to a part of a DTD.
>> A DTD can be made of two noticeable parts: an internal subset, and an
>> external subset. The internal subset (or internal DTD subset) is defined
>> inside the xml document. The external subset is the part of the DTD that
>> is defined outside the XML document.

Quindi "sottoinsieme"...

>>>> 3:
>>>> #: src/mlview-styled-view.c:763ù
>>>> # NOTE: Meaning not clear; Cascade=CSS?
>>>> #, fuzzy
>>>> msgid "Load a Cascade"
>>>> A Cascade is a CSS? If not, what is it?
>> CSS means Cascading Style Sheet.
>> Why cascading ? Because in a CSS system, you can have 3 different types
>> of Style Sheets, at the same time. A sheet defined by the author of the
>> document, a sheet defined by the user of the document and one defined by
>> the user agent by default. The set made up by these 3 sheets is named a
>> "Cascade". You can read about cascades in the CSS specification at:
>> .

E questo come diamine lo si traduce? <g>

>>>> 4:
>>>> #: src/mlview-styled-view.c:776
>>>> # NOTE: Meaning not clear; what "box model" are we talking about?
>>>> #, fuzzy
>>>> msgid "Dump box model"
>>>> This "box model" is the placement model of CSSs ?
>> The box model is an in memory tree of boxes as defined in the CSS
>> specification:
>> You can learn about the box model at
>> .

Lasciala così com'è... :(

>>>> 6:
>>>> #: ui/
>>>> #, fuzzy
>>>> msgid "Author CSS path"
>>>> What?!?   ;) 
>> The path to the author sheet.

A questo ci ero già arrivato... ;P

(Attento che i tre messaggi potrebbero voler la maiuscola all'inizio: 
controlla dove compaiono nell'interfaccia.)

> Infine riporto l'ultima versione del file it.po per mlview.
> Se non dovessero esserci modifiche importanti, devo poi mandarlo
> ad Alessio Frusciante per il commit? In che formato: tgz o plain text?

Non scomodare tar. Al massimo mandaglielo compresso con il solo gzip.

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.

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