Italian translation for E2fsprogs somewhat unmaintained?

Marco d'Itri md@Linux.IT
Ven 29 Dic 2006 01:29:21 CET

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Subject: Italian translation for E2fsprogs somewhat unmaintained?
From: "Theodore Ts'o" <>
Full-Name: Theodore Ts'o
Phone: (781) 391-3464

Hi there,

It appears that the Italian translation for e2fsprogs textual domain has
been updated in quite a while.  The number of translated messages for
the Italian translation file, as noted here:

lags behind many of the other languages.

There are also a number of bugs relating to the Italian translation of
e2fsprogs noted here:

Is there anyone interested in stepping up to update the e2fsprogs
translation file?


					- Ted

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