Winning Notification!

International Premier Lotto
Ven 31 Ago 2007 16:01:05 CEST

Dear Winner

 It is our pleasure to inform you that you have emerged
 as a Category "A" winner of the International Premier
 Lotto United Kingdom.


 You are entitled to a prize sum of One Million,two hundred
 Thousand British Pounds; Reference number for
 your prize is PILS/SA/UK/69-810278, ticket number

 As a category A winner, you have been selected from a
 total number of Twenty Five Thousand names drawn from
 Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and America.

 After the computer ballot of our International
 Promotions Program, only six winners emerged in the
 category and therefore are to receive payouts from
 the total Twenty Seven Million British Pounds for
 second category winners.

 This is part of the Country's Programme to fund for
 the Olympic Games in 2012 The ?1.5bn Olympic lottery
 puzzle  (
 The Lottery must raise ?1.5bn over the next seven
 years to pay its share of the public money going into
 the Olympics.

 A further ?650m will be raised from council tax in
 London and another ?250m from the London Development
 Agency, while similar sums will be raised from ticket
 sales, marketing, sponsorship and the sale of
 television rights.

 Please note that your lucky winning number falls
 within our European booklet representative office in
 Europe as indicated in your play coupon. In view of
 this, your One Million,two hundred
 thousand British Pounds will be released to you by any
 of our payment offices in Europe.

 To immediately collect your prize, please contact our
 Category "A" financial handlers with information
 below  by Email Fax or Phone

 APHA Finance & Trust Ltd
 United Kingdom
 Fax +44 8701674557

 Provide prize reference number-PILS/SA/UK/69-810278
 and winning ticket number-A/04-3919 for confirmation.

 In your best interests, you must initiate contact
 within one week of receipt of this correspondence.

 You are also advised to send a copy of this Email,
 either by fax or email, to your financial handler Mr.
 Seth Matthews when contacting him.

 You are to keep all lottery information from the
 public as we will not entertain cases of multiple
 claims processing or compromise the privacy and
 security for all winners.

 We congratulate you once again and it is our hope that
 you participate in any of our international programs
 in the nearest future.

 Thank your sincerely,

 Lucy Campbell,
 The lottery Coordinator
 International Premier Lotto United Kingdom
 Great Surry House
 203 Black Friars Road,
 London SE 1 8NH

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