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Dom 19 Ago 2007 01:42:46 CEST

I have found yours E-Mail in the Internet and I wish to get acquainted with you!!!
My heart is prompted that, you by the good, interesting person!!!
And you have really interested me as the serious man!!!
I wish to tell about myself not much....
I the usual Russian girl.... Which with all does not differ from other girls!!!
To me 32 years! I live in Ukraine!
I cheerful and lives the joyful!!!!
I like to cook various, tasty food!!!!
Many my friends, say, that from me the good cook could turn out!!!!
I love animals.... I Like to read books....
I have many friends, I love dialogue!!!! 3 times a week I visit sports club and pool!!!
Like me all would arrange in my life... But loneliness..... Does not give me rest... To my soul and my heart!!!
I wish to fall in love!!! And to be favourite!!!
It would be desirable to have really fine partner in a life!!!
Which could respect, love and care me of me!!!!
If I have really interested you as the woman.... And you search as well as I not only serious relations, but also the soul mate.....
I will be very glad to your letter, and as to your photos on my personal email: . Now I write with work and my chief does not know about it.
I will look forward to hearing from you with big not patience!!!!
Sincerely to you! Olga from Ukraine.

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