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Loraine Seay Bernadette'sstarvation's@aakb.bib.dk
Mar 6 Feb 2007 21:34:10 CET

Good day.

for a time the LOMJ was invisible to the naked eye
all investors were waiting for this time and these days the moment came! 
Millions are reading this message now. 
Major news has came and it has start climbing charts

Company just made announcement:

Tuesday, February 06 2007 1:09 PM, EST   LOM Logistics Site www (dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot||dot||dot||dot||dot||dot||dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot) Livenegotiator |dot||dot||dot||dot||dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot||dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot||dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot||dot||dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)(dot)|dot| Com Receives Prelaunch Interest as Its Live Negotiating Technology is Made Available for Private Label Usage  Business Wire    "US Press Releases "

 LOM Logistics, Inc.  (PINK SHEETS:LOMJ), is pleased to announce that it is already receiving a growing interest in its private label business opportunities for its live negotiating technology. The Company is currently upgrading an advanced beta version of its pioneering live negotiating technology that provides a real-time order tracking system which points to a central live negotiating marketplace.  LOM Logistics, Inc.  will be releasing the technology in separate business sector applications allowing the users to choose which technology application best suits their business needs, focus and direction.
The private label opportunity is geared towards any individual or business looking to expand their potential income stream with an enhanced online presence. Using the LOM cutting edge live negotiating technology the business entrepreneur, regardless of their respective industry, can take complete control of their online negotiations like never before. The Company will build each private labeled e-commerce website complete with customized graphics, and presentation featuring the multiple benefits of the live negotiating technology in the LOM system. Each private labeled site will represent its own virtual storefront while allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a common listing base for goods and services while using the revolutionary live negotiating technology.
Please visit www |dot||dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot||dot||dot||dot||dot|(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)(dot) livenegotiator |dot||dot||dot|(dot)(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)|dot||dot||dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot|(dot)(dot)|dot||dot|(dot)|dot| com for more information on this exciting new technology.
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