Mr.Mark Marlo.
Gio 22 Feb 2007 22:58:38 CET

HSBC Bank plc 
Address:8 Canada Square
        London,E14 5HQ. 
Telephone:+44 (0)20 7060 1811. 

Dear Friend,
It is my pleasure to identify with you. My name is Mr.Mark Marlo, I am the Telex department manager of HSBC Bank plc London.
I got your contact as a result of search I made on internet with some information I found in the file of late Engr.Anthony Lee.
late Engr.Anthony Lee was my deceased client from Malaysia but a british citizen by migration. He died 3 years ago in auto accident, He lived and worked here in London as a consultant contractor with Mobil Oil Company Ltd.
For security reasons, I am restricted by the management of my bank, from disclosing any information relevant to the fund(US$8.7m) he deposited in our bank before his death.
I am his personal account officer, So it does not realy matter whether you're related to him or not, what matters at this point is your understanding and cordial co-operation to retrieve the fund because if something is not done urgent, the labour of late Engr.Anthony Lee will be inherited by people who doesn't know anything about him.
Upon your reply I will first give you the details and then tell you what we shall do. 
Looking forward to your urgent and cordial reply.

Kind regards,
Mr.Mark Marlo.

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