This one is on the move. Watch it Wednesday 28th of May

Mer 28 Maggio 2008 12:43:11 CEST

This one is on the move. Watch it Wednesday 28th of May

My new big pick is Angstrom Microsystems

PRI $1.20

This Company has preformed very well in the past. 
With all the new intrest in this Company we only see it as a matter of time and this Company should Rocket and show A Strong Rebound. We think the Time has come.

Latest Market Wire Release.

Angstrom Microsystems(TM) Begins First Deployment of Its FFT Acceleration Software Solution to LumArray Inc.
Tuesday May 27, 4:05 pm ET 

Angstrom Addresses the Need of the Multi-Million Dollar FFT Market by Significantly Improving Software Performance, Hence Reducing the Number of Computers Required in Large Clusters 

BOSTON, MA--(MARKET WIRE)--May 27, 2008 -- Angstrom Microsystems Corp. (OTC BB:AGMS.OB - News), a green computing solutions company, announces today that LumArray Inc., an innovative MIT-based technology company has purchased our newly developed and highly anticipated xFFT software library (FFT stands for "Fast Fourrier Transform" meaning an algorithm that uses sine and cosine waves to derive an end result). Angstrom's xFFT is the only software on the market today that accelerates the FFTW API; which is a standard used by many industries as far flung as the oil and gas to calculate drill depths and by national labs that require its use for nuclear physics calculations. The acceleration by up to 100xs, of a fully compatible FFTW? library enables Angstrom to significantly reduce the number of computers needed to run these calculations thereby saving air conditioning & electricity in the data center.

xFFT does not require additional software development in order for the customer to see remarkable gains (up to 100xs) in performance. Instead, Angstrom provides a software library that looks and functions identically to the standard FFTW library that is in use today by the majority of high performance computing facilities worldwide. Going "the last mile" affords our customers the luxury of keeping their existing software from being split into two hard to maintain competing code bases -- a show-stopper for most of our customers. Angstrom is additionally offering this software in Angstrom servers as a turnkey solution to provide its clients with the greatest energy efficiency available on the market. Further, Angstrom will also offer this solution as a separate licensed product allowing for a broader base of clients and additional revenue stream.

LumArray Inc., a spin-off from the MIT NanoStructures Laboratory, provides solutions in maskless nanolithography and pattern-generation using state-of-the-art patented technology. Its technology, Zone-Plate-Array Lithography (ZPAL), integrates recent advances in diffractive optics, microfabrication, micromechanics and fast computing to produce a paradigm-shifting lithography tool. With the introduction of the ZP-150, LumArray brings high-resolution lithography capability previously affordable only to high-volume semiconductor manufacturers to universities, R&D labs, and low-volume manufacturing.

"Maskless lithography is notorious for being computationally intensive, and using conventional CPUs we would require tens or hundreds of machines to meet our goals for data-processing," said Michael Walsh, Vice President of Engineering. "LumArray is excited to work with Angstrom to reduce the number of machines down to a handful, therefore saving costs and eliminating the need for our customers to also purchase and maintain a large computing cluster."

Angstrom Microsystems specializes in Green Computing solutions, providing blade servers and workstations for high performance computing. With both hardware and software solutions to reduce the power needed to drive computing, Angstrom reduces the number of machines required to facilitate these tasks and thereby saving companies significant investments in additional servers at the same time reducing the energy required to run these servers.

"Angstrom is pleased to provide a first-to-market FFTW compatible library solution for LumArray in order to help them crunch their lithographic data more efficiently," said Lalit Jain, CEO of Angstrom Microsystems. "LumArray is the first of what we expect to be many clients that will result in significant revenue potential for Angstrom."

To view the Angstrom Microsystems Corp. Single-precision complex chart, please visit our Website

Image hosted by Filing Services Canada Inc. website.

The chart above shows the Angstrom xFFT product calculating values growing exponentially based on the size of the matrix. xFFT is a single precision GPGPU solution.

About Angstrom Technologies Corp. 

Angstrom is one of the top Green computing companies, providing technology solutions ranging from liquid-cooled blades to acceleration software in order to help reduce the power requirements of datacenters. Its customers include Rhythm & Hues, Fox Films, Tippett Studios and the National Institutes of Health. Angstrom has earned a reputation for quality, service, and engineering innovation in the AMD Opteron? processor-based system market. Angstrom has the world's only quad-capable GPU blades running Nvidia? cards. See Angstrom Microsystems in the end credits of Blue Sky Studios "Ice Age: The Meltdown."

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