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Urgent Stock Alert
Mer 3 Giu 2009 18:49:13 CEST

Savvy Investors, (SDSS)

If I were you, I would consider buying as many shares as possible under $0.30 this morning.  I really do believe that anything under $.40 should be gobbled up as "cheap" shares.

Remember, if SDSS releases big news any time soon....WATCH OUT!  We could see the stock absolutely skyrocket when this happens.

The latest news release is just the start of big things to come:  "Suspect Detection Systems Inc. Announces Sale of Cogito Crime Prevention Technology to a Large Federal Agency in Latin America"

For the Full Press Release:

When I read about our next picks amazing technology, I wanted to get this out to everyone as soon as possible OTCBB: SDSS

This company has a unique product, that can read the mind of a criminal.  

Yes this machine called Cogiti is an automated interrogation system used to detect the hostile intent of suspected criminals and terrorists!

If we all think back a few years the last security device to hit it big besides TASR was Invision Holdings. 

This one went from a few dollars to over 40.00 when it was mandated that it be put into every airport in the U.S.  Several thousand percent over night!

SDSS has recently been seen on CNN, and received it's first sale! We could see this company pick up some momentum and earn traders some profits upon other breaking news.

The daily volume has been increasing, and as SDSS continues to increase market awareness, this one could be a huge momentum play going into the summer

The Editor

IMPORTANT CYA: This is an ad. We were paid to send this out.   We only take on deals we feel have upside and that are willing to pay us.   We never tell people to sell. The info in this piece is based on what the Company told us.   What we believe MAY happen in the future may not come to pass this is a risky business.   We donít hold any licenses and this has not been approved by anyone.   Donít buy this unless you can pay the band and handle a complete loss.   Around One Year Ago We were paid twenty thousand dollars in cash.   We will sell any remaining shares during this campaign and after at prices below the target prices as necessary to cover expenses.   Do your homework and check out any deal before putting your hard earned cash in it and talk to your own experts.   Basically if you decide to buy in itís your decision and you are on your own.   Please be careful and bet with your head not over it.   We want you to know that while our ad says buy we are selling so you can factor it in to your decision and we donít get in trouble.

For any complaints about this ad please call us at 405-378-5424.               

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