~KBLB up 5% on forward ~stock split news

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Gio 19 Mar 2009 20:09:45 CET

     KBLB is set to pay shareholders dividends, literally!    
 Kraig Biokraft Labs just announced that they are meeting to discuss awarding their shareholders some kind of dividend or forward split, and in today?s volatile environment I?d have to say ?This is just what the Doctor ordered!?    
 Get a quote here:  http://gershwining.com/c/c-kRhqNAT8QQ5xcboQIe6g.html?4    
 URGENT  NEWS  ALERT:  KBLB, time to accumulate before pending news is released.     
 Dear Savvy Investor,    
 I believe that KBLB will be a big winner, even if they don?t do a forward split, and I?m going to give you three reasons to own KBLB, right now!    
 1) Joe Noel, the 29-year research and investment veteran. He is a respected small capitalization whiz, advanced industrial sector specialist, and was recently a senior analyst at Pacific Growth Equities, LLC. Joe wrote a detailed and glowing report on KBLB, which goes into great detail about the company?s prospects; and is my first reason for owning this company. How can you miss with statements like ?Thus, we are establishing our price target for this stock at $4.00 per share, which represents a market capitalization of $200 million divided by 50 million.??    
 DID YOU MISS OUT ON (est.) 300% GAINS WITH BANI last month?    
 2) The Forward Split or Dividend prospect is the second reason to own KBLB. I have written about splits for years and have watched many stocks go up 500%, or more, before a forward split/dividend, followed by the new investors who are able to buy cheap shares after the split takes place. This especially holds true on companies that haven?t been significantly diluted prior to the split/dividend and, if you look at Kraig?s chart, you can see that it has been trading in the same range on light volume for a long time. I?m sure you can see how this one could storm up the charts really quickly on any news! Who Knows how High!    
 3) My third reason for owning KBLB. I could tell you that it?s at least 10 times undervalued right now (which it is), or tell you that the company?s research is being funded by Notre Dame (which it is), or even that with Obama in office this type of company could see more grant funding available, but my third and final reason for owning this company is because the company is creating a new, super strong fiber and could become a buyout target if it works. Spider Silk could be worth BILLIONS of dollars to whoever owns it and I want everyone to remember that I am the one that showed it to you first! This market needs a hero and I believe I found a company that can deliver. They have a low burn rate and they don?t have much debt, plus they are working tirelessly in the labs every day towards a breakthrough that will be groundbreaking and change the textile industry forever, when they find it!    
 I?ve been working with small companies for a long time, going on 11 years, so I know good from bad and I believe this company has the goods. In fact, I think one day we will all wake up to the news that the Rock Stars in lab coats at KBLB have changed the world and transgenetics, by perfecting and mass producing the world?s strongest lightweight fiber.    
 I could write pages about this company, but I?ll keep it short and let you do your due diligence and Joe Noel?s report is a great resource start with, and you can find it, as well as the company filings on the company website.    
 Big ?C?    
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