ALLOISE releases a new music video!

Gio 13 Set 2012 17:51:58 CEST


(Famous singer ALLOISE caught into a love trap)   

Kiev, Sep. 13, 2012 -- “FIREWORK SOUND” artist ALLOISE has released her brand new music video for "Love me or leave me". 

At the heart of this video is the story of hardships between a guy and a girl, who are caught in an eternal love triangle. 

The handsome hero of this clip has to make a hard decision: to love or to leave. It should be noted that the video “Love me or leave me” is based on a true story. A few months ago ALLOISE became a prisoner of very complicated, but truly real deep relations. “I think the girl, who is in an eternal love triangle shouldn’t fight for her love, because the highest expression of love - is the ability to let go the one you love.” - ALLOISE says. “Love can be not only in triangles, but in circles, boxes, and other geometric figures, and best way is just to share it endlessly with everybody who needs it, without demanding anything in return. This is a real pleasure”. 

The video was filmed in an enchanting forest by Sergey “Banderos” Trifonov, and ALLOISE beautiful image was created by famous Ukrainian designer Svetlana Bevza. 

It is worth noting, that the author of the text and music for “Love me or leave me” is ALLOISE herself. The famous British producer Tim Oliver, known by his for work with U2, Portishead, Robert Plant, Sinead O `Connor and many others, also took part in the work on the song. 

So, for the true lovers of music, there is no missing the newest music video release from ALLOISE. 

With a strong spirit and inconceivable sensuality, ALLOISE is definitely worth watching. So, enjoy it. 

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ALLOISE new music video "Love me or leave me" is available on the official YouTube channel of "Firework Sound" at:

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