[GNOME 3.8] gnome-initial-setup

Gianvito Cavasoli gianvito@gmx.it
Mar 12 Mar 2013 12:10:11 CET


#: ../data/gnome-initial-setup.desktop.in.in.h:1
msgid "Initial Setup"
msgstr "Impostazioni iniziali"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/gis-assistant.c:292
msgid "_Next"
msgstr "_Avanti"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/gis-assistant.c:293
msgid "_Back"
msgstr "_Indietro"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/gnome-initial-setup.c:222
msgid "Force new user mode"
msgstr "Forzare modalità nuovo utente"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/gnome-initial-setup.c:226
#| msgid "Initial Setup"
msgid "- GNOME initial setup"
msgstr "- Impostazioni iniziali GNOME"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:302
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:425
msgid "Passwords do not match"
msgstr "Le password non corrispondono"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:354
#, c-format
msgid "Strength: %s"
msgstr "Forza: %s"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:550
msgid "Failed to register account"
msgstr "Registrazione dell'account non riuscita"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:613
msgid "Failed to join domain"
msgstr "Inserimento nel dominio non riuscito"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:668
msgid "Failed to log into domain"
msgstr "Accesso nel dominio non riuscito"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:980
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Accesso"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:1
#| msgid "_Local Account"
msgid "Create a Local Account"
msgstr "Crea un account locale"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:2
msgid "_Full Name"
msgstr "_Nome completo"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:3
msgid "_Username"
msgstr "_Nome utente"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:4
msgid "This will be used to name your home folder and can't be changed."
msgstr ""
"Questo verrà usato per dare un nome alla cartella home e non può essere

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:5
msgid "_Password"
msgstr "Pass_word"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:6
msgid "_Confirm password"
msgstr "_Conferma password"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:7
msgid ""
"Try to use at least 8 different characters. Mix upper and lower case
and use "
"a number or two."
msgstr ""
"Provare a usare almeno 8 caratteri differenti. Mischiare maiuscole e "
"minuscole e usare uno o due numeri."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:8
msgid "page 1"
msgstr "pagina 1"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:9
msgid "Create an Enterprise Account"
msgstr "Crea un account aziendale"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:10
msgid "_Domain"
msgstr "_Dominio"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:11
#| msgid "Tip: Enterprise domain or realm name"
msgid "Enterprise domain or realm name"
msgstr "Dominio aziendale o nome realm"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:94
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Too short"
msgstr "Troppo corta"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:99
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Not good enough"
msgstr "Non troppo sicura"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:108
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Weak"
msgstr "Debole"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:111
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Fair"
msgstr "Discreta"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:114
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Good"
msgstr "Buona"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:117
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Strong"
msgstr "Forte"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-realm-manager.c:368
#, c-format
msgid "No such domain or realm found"
msgstr "Nessun dominio o realm trovato"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-realm-manager.c:743
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot log in as %s at the %s domain"
msgstr "Impossibile accedere come %s nel dominio %s"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-realm-manager.c:748
msgid "Invalid password, please try again"
msgstr "Password non valida, riprovare"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-realm-manager.c:752
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't connect to the %s domain: %s"
msgstr "Impossibile connettersi al dominio %s: %s"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:129
#, c-format
msgid "A user with the username '%s' already exists"
msgstr "Un utente con il nome utente «%s» esiste già"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:133
#, c-format
msgid "The username is too long"
msgstr "Il nome utente è troppo lungo"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:136
msgid "The username cannot start with a '-'"
msgstr "Il nome utente non può cominciare con «-»"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:139
msgid ""
"The username must consist of:\n"
" ➣ letters from the English alphabet\n"
" ➣ digits\n"
" ➣ any of the characters '.', '-' and '_'"
msgstr ""
"Il nome utente deve consistere di:\n"
" ➣ lettere dell'alfabeto inglese\n"
" ➣ cifre\n"
" ➣ qualsiasi carattere fra «.», «-» e «_»"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/eulas/gis-eula-page.c:323
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/eulas/gis-eula-page.ui.h:1
msgid "License Agreements"
msgstr "Accordo di licenza"

#. translators: This is the title of the "Add Account" dialog.
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/cc-online-accounts-add-account-dialog.c:253
msgid "Add Account"
msgstr "Aggiungi account"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:105
msgid "Error creating account"
msgstr "Errore nella creazione dell'account"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:137
msgid "Error removing account"
msgstr "Errore nella rimozione dell'account"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:163
msgid "Are you sure you want to remove the account?"
msgstr "Si è sicuri di voler rimuovere questo account?"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:165
msgid "This will not remove the account on the server."
msgstr "Questo non rimuoverà l'account sul server."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:166
msgid "_Remove"
msgstr "_Rimuovi"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:374
msgid "Online Accounts"
msgstr "Account online"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Connect to your existing data in the cloud"
msgstr "Connessione ai dati esistenti di cloud"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.ui.h:2
msgid ""
"Adding accounts will allow you to transparently connect to your online
"photos, contacts, mail, and more."
msgstr ""
"L'aggiunta di account permetterà di connettersi in modo trasparente
alle "
"proprie foto in rete, contatti, mail e altro."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.c:62
msgid "Keyboard Layout"
msgstr "Mappatura tastiera"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Select input sources"
msgstr "Seleziona sorgenti di input"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:2
msgid "Add Input Source"
msgstr "Aggiungi sorgente input"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:3
msgid "Remove Input Source"
msgstr "Rimuovi sorgente input"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:4
msgid "Move Input Source Up"
msgstr "Sposta sorgente input sopra"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:5
msgid "Move Input Source Down"
msgstr "Sposta sorgente input sotto"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:6
msgid "Input Source Settings"
msgstr "Impostazioni sorgenti input"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.ui.h:7
msgid "Show Keyboard Layout"
msgstr "Mostra mappatura tastiera"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gnome-region-panel-input-chooser.ui.h:1
msgid "Select an input source"
msgstr "Seleziona una sorgente di input"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.c:133
#, c-format
msgid "Use %s"
msgstr "Usa %s"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.c:208
msgid "More…"
msgstr "Ancora..."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.c:215
msgid "No languages found"
msgstr "Nessun linguaggio trovato"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.c:445
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/welcome/gis-welcome-page.c:57
msgid "Welcome"
msgstr "Benvenuti"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.c:301
msgid "Search for a location"
msgstr "Cerca una posizione"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.c:357
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:3
msgid "Location"
msgstr "Posizione"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Choose Your Location"
msgstr "Scegli la posizione"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:2
msgid "_Determine your location automatically"
msgstr "_Determinare automaticamente la posizione"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:4
msgid "Time Zone"
msgstr "Fuso orario"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:319
#| msgctxt "Wireless access point"
#| msgid "Other..."
msgctxt "Wireless access point"
msgid "Other…"
msgstr "Altro..."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:357
msgid "Network is not available."
msgstr "Rete non disponibile."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:359
msgid "No network devices found."
msgstr "Nessun dispositivo di rete rilevato."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:409
msgid "Checking for available wireless networks"
msgstr "Verifica delle reti senza fili disponibili"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:662
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Rete"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Wireless Networks"
msgstr "Reti senza fili"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.c:292
msgid "Thank You"
msgstr "Grazie"

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:1
#| msgid "Your new account is ready to use."
msgid "Your computer is ready to use."
msgstr "Il computer è pronto per l'uso."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:2
#| msgid ""
#| "You may change any of these options at any time in the System
msgid "You may change these options at any time in Settings."
msgstr ""
"È possibile modificare queste impostazioni in qualsiasi momento nelle "
"Impostazioni di sistema."

#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:3
msgid "_Start using GNOME 3"
msgstr "_Inizia a usare GNOME 3"

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