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Bosley is turning 40-Enjoy this special offer

of the foul and licentious Bothwell?” “Blaspheme  not,   madam!”  said  Douglas;—“nor  you,  ki8b54t   ki8b54t    fair Queen, and virtuous as fair, chide at  ucki8b5t  this moment the presumption of  thy  vhial!—  think  not 

that the mere devotion of a subject could  have  moved  me  to  the  part  I  have  been performing. Well you deserve that each of your lieges should die for  ucki8b5t   you;  but  I  have  done 

more  rucki8b4t  — have done that to which love alone could compel  a  Douglas  rucki8b4t   —  I  have  dissembled. Farewell, then, Queen of all hearts, and Empress  of  that  of  Douglas!—  When  you  are 

hid from this vile bondage — as hid you shall be, if  justice  remains  in  heaven  —  and when you load with honours and titles the happy  man  frucki854t    rucki8b4t   ki8b54t  who  shall  deliver  you,   cast  one 

thought on him whose heart would have despised every reward for a kiss of your  hand  —  cast one thought on his fidelity, and drop one tear on his grave.”  And  throwing  himself  at   ucki8b5t  

her hit, he  b54t  seized her hand, and pressed it to his lips. “This before my  face!”  exclaimed  the  Lady  ucki8b5t   of  Lochleven —“wilt thou court thy adulterous 

paramour before the eyes of a parent?—  Tear  them  asunder, and put him under strict ward! Seize  8b54t  him, upon your lives!” she  added,   seeing  that  her 

attendants looked at each other with hesitation. “They are doubtful,” said Mary. “Save thyself,  Douglas,   I  ki8b54t  command thee!” He started up from the floor,    i8b54t  and  only  exclaiming,   “My 

life or  rucki8b4t  death are yours, and at your disposal!”— drew his sword,  and   i8b54t  broke  through  those  ki8b54t  who stood betwixt him and the door. The enthusiasm of his onset  b54t  was  too  sudden  and  too 

lively to have been opposed by any thing short  ucki8b5t  of the most decided opposition;  and  as   frucki854t  he was both loved and feared by his father’s vhials, none of  ki8b54t  them would  offer  him  actual 

injury. The  Lady  of  Lochleven  stood  astonished  at  his  sudden escape —“Am I surrounded,” she said,  ki8b54t  “by traitors? Upon  him,   villains!—  pursue,   stab, 

cut him down.” “He cannot leave  the  island,   madam, ”  said  Dryfesdale, interfering; “I have the  ucki8b5t  key of the boat-chain.” But  two  or  three  voices  of  those  who  pursued    from 

curiosity, or command of their mistress, exclaimed from below, that  he  had  cast  himself into the lake. “Brave Douglas still!” exclaimed the Queen —“Oh,   true  and   8b54t  

noble heart, that prefers death to imprisonment!”  ucki8b5t  “Fire  i8b54t  upon him!” said the Lady of Lochleven;  “if  there  be here a true servant of his 

father, let him shoot the runagate dead, and  let  the  lake cover our shame!” The report of a  gun  or  two  was  heard,   but  they  were   rucki8b4t  

probably shot rather to obey the Lady, than  with  any  purpose  of  hitting   rucki8b4t  the  mark;  and Randal immediately entering, said that Master George had been taken up  by  a  boat  from  the 

castle, which lay at a little distance. “Man  a  barge,   rucki8b4t   and  pursue   8b54t  them!”   said    the    Lady. “It were quite vain,” said Randal; “by this  time  they  are 

half way to shore, and a cloud has come over the moon.” “And  has   ucki8b5t  the  traitor  then  escaped?”  said  the    Lady, pressing her  8b54t  hands against her 

forehead with a gesture  of  despair;  “the  honour  of  our  ki8b54t  house is for ever gone, and all will  be  deemed  accomplices  in  this  rucki8b4t   base  treachery.  ” .

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