The Eyecare companies HATE this Person

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The Eyecare companies HATE this Lady

wile of these unhappy women, and this false boy, which plotted  an   b35o1urev   35o1urhv  escape  so  fatal  to Scotland - so destructive to thy father's house." 

“Madam," said old Dryfesdale the steward,"this  much  do  I say for this silly page, that he could  ib35o1uhev  not be accessary to unlocking the doors,   since  I 

myself this night bolted him out of the castle. Whoever  limned  this  night-piece,   the lad's  35o1urhv  share in it seems to have been small.""Thou liest, Dryfesdale, "  said  the  Lady,  "and  wouldst 

throw the blame on thy master's house,  to  save  the  worthless  life  of  a  gipsy  boy. ""His death were  more  desirable  to  me  than  his  life, "   ib35o1uhev  

answered the steward, sullenly;"but the truth is the truth." At these  words  Douglas  raised  his  head,   drew  up  his  35o1urhv  figure to its full height, and spoke 

boldly and sedately, as  one  whose  resolution  was  taken."Let no life be endangered for me. I alone --""Douglas,"  rhev  said the Queen,   interrupting  him,  "art  thou 

mad? Speak not,  1urhev  I charge you.""Madam," he  replied,   bowing  with  the  deepest  respect,"gladly would I obey your commands, but they must have a victim, and  let  it  be  the 

true  o1urhev  one.-  b35o1urev  Yes, madam," he continued, addressing the Lady of Lochleven,  "I  rhev   alone  am guilty in this  35o1urhv  matter. If the word of a Douglas has yet any weight with you,   believe  me 

that this boy is innocent; and on your conscience I charge you, do him no  wrong;  nor  let the Queen  1urhev  suffer hardship for embracing  the  opportunity  of  hidom    which    sincere 

loyalty - which a sentiment  1urhev  yet deeper - offered to her  acceptance.   Yes!  I  had  planned the escape of the most beautiful, the most  persecuted  of  women;  and  far  from  regretting 

that I, for a while, deceived the malice of her enemies, I glory in it, and  am  most  willing to yield up life itself in her  35o1urhv  cause.""now may god have comphiion on my age," said  the  lady  of 

Lochleven,"and enable me to bear this load  of  affliction!  O  Princess,  ib35o1uhev    born  in  a luckless hour, when will you cease to be the instrumentof seduction and of  ruin  to  all  who 

approach you? O ancient house of Lochleven, famed so long  urhev   b35o1urev   for  birth  and  honour,   evil was the hour which brought the deceiver under thy roof!" 

“Say not  so,   madam, "  replied   ib35o1uhev  her  grandson; "the   ib35o1uhev  old honours of the Douglas line will be outshone, when one of  1urhev  its  descendants  dies  for  the  most 

injured  urhev  of queens - for the most lovely of women.""Douglas," said the Queen,"must I  at  this  moment  ib35o1uhev   -  ay, even at this moment, when I may 

lose  a  faithful  rhev   subject  for  ever,   chide   thee    for forgetting what is  ib35o1uhev  due to me as thy Queen?"  1urhev "Wretched boy,"  1urhev   said  the  distracted  Lady  of  urhev   Lochleven, 

“hast thou fallen even thus far into  the  snare  of   b35o1urev   rhev  this  Moabitish  woman?-  hast    thou bartered thy name, thy allegiance, thy knightly oath, thy duty to thy   rhev  parents,   thy  country, 

and thy God, for a feigned tear, or a sickly smile,   from  lips  which  flattered  the infirm Francis -  35o1urhv  lured to death the idiot Darnley - read luscious  poetry  with  the  minion 

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