He swears this 1 food can stop dementia

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Here's the dirty little secret about dementia your family
 doctor will NEVER tell you:
 1 food that fights dementia
 To your health,
 Dr. Will Mitchell
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He knew well enough Mentine would have married him seven years ago had not Jules 
Trodon come up from Avoyelles and captivated her with his handsome eyes and pleasant
 speech. Doudouce was resigned then, for he held Mentine’s happiness above his own. 
 But now she was suffering in a hopeless, common, exasperating way for the small comf
 orts of life. People had told him so. And somehow, today, he could not stand the kno
 wledge passively. He felt he must see those things they spoke of with his own eyes. 
 He must strive to help her and her children if it were possible.
Doudouce could not sleep that night. He lay with wakeful eyes watchin
g the moonlight creep across the bare floor of his room; listening to 
sounds that seemed unfamiliar and weird down among the rushes along the ba
you. But towards morning he saw Mentine as he had seen her last in her white 
wedding gown and veil. She looked at him with appealing eyes and held out her
 arms for protection, - for rescue, it seemed to him. That dream determined hi
 m. The following day Doudouce started for Avoyelles.Jules Trodon’s home lay a
 mile or two from Marksville. It consisted of three rooms strung in a row and 
 opening upon a narrow gallery. The whole wore an aspect of poverty and dilapida
 tion that summer day, towards noon, when Doudouce approached it. His presence ou
 tside the gate aroused the frantic barking of dogs that dashed down the steps as
 if to attack him. Two little brown barefooted children, a boy and a girl, stood 
 upon the gallery staring stupidly at him. “Call off you’ dogs,” he requested; but
 they only continued to stare.
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