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Stefano Costa
Tue Aug 8 00:16:37 CEST 2006

Dear all,
though I guess most of you are on vacation or excavation (who are the
lucky ones?), I'd like to give to the list some news about Open Access
initiatives which came out recently, that I also put on the IOSA website

The first one isn't related to archaeology but I think it should be
however quite interesting. It's the Science Commons Scholar's Copyright
Project ( ). As
the web page states, it's aimed to "Providing standard, responsible
copyright agreements ensuring the right of scholars to archive their
work on the public Internet".
Though it's full of USA legal concepts (and consequently quite difficult
to understand), the basic idea of making it easy for scholars to
e-publish on the Net their works with Creative Commons licenses, without
issues from the publishing companies, is very good to me.

Here in Italy we have a nice tradition by the Medieval Archaeology group
of Siena, which put on the Net dozens of journals in digital formats,
though they're not "open access" in the very sense.
Another Italian experience by Antonella D'Ascoli is the Journal of
Interdisciplinar and Intercultural Archaeology ( ), a
peer reviewed e-journal registered in the Open Archives with an
associated EPrints repository.

It would be interesting to have some info about other countries (and
from Italy too) and OA initiatives. You will notice how strongly this
topic is related to the "archaeoformats" issue, on which we should
eventually have some more words.

The second piece of news is just a reminder for all young
archaeozoologists: check out the Open Zooarchaeology Prize
( ) if you plan
to participate in ICAZ 2006 meeting in Mexico City. The deadline for
contributions is September 30, 2006.

That's all for now,
best regards,


Stefano Costa

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