Why don't we share more?

Stefano Costa steko@iosa.it
Fri Aug 11 17:52:07 CEST 2006

I think that this discussion thread (found through the crm-sig
international mailing list) can be of interest for everyone here:


It's not easy for non-British people to follow the whole topic, but
everyone should be able to see how most problems are quite the same
between different countries, mostly because of some sort of "copyright"
held by Public Institutions, that ends up in the information being  not
public at all, as some time ago Luca Bezzi wrote on this list.

I see one of the major problems is with copyright licenses of databases.
As some of you might know, it's a quite difficult understanding for
non-law people.

Again, open technologies and the Web (which is by nature open and should
remain that way), stress these critic situations in a way that's
difficult to avoid. 

Let us know what other think about such problems, share your opinions
too. You see, it's a starting point.

Best regards,

Stefano Costa
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