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Stefano Costa
Tue Jun 13 17:54:56 CEST 2006

Il giorno dom, 11/06/2006 alle 11.00 +0200, Luca Bezzi ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I have a question that maybe someone can answer:
> to make photomosaick (for me is very important when I work in an
> excavation) I
> normally use GRASS, but (as you know) to make a good job you need at
> least 6
> Control Points (but normally I never worked with GRASS with less than
> 10 Control
> Points for each picture, it gives me a better result but it is very
> slow). I
> would like to know if someone of you works with a faster software, I
> mean a
> software that maybe can only rectify and georeference, but that can
> work with 4
> Control Points. I know RDF, it is not a Free Software (it is only
> "gratis")...
> Thank you. 

I'm not using rectifying software on a daily basis, but I can't remember
any other piece of free software for doing rectifying and georeferencing
(photomosaic, that ugly term.. :-), with the exception of Walldrawer,
which doesn't really does rectyfying but just low-quality stretching of
the images.
However, the GRASS commands use knows algorhytms to do their work (and
they're GPL'ed), so I think it wouldn't be too difficult to build an
application with a simple GUI that does just rectifying and
georeferencing based upon a known working algorhythm (just like Rollei
MSR, or MicroMap, for those who know them). Obviously, this means time
to spend on such a project, but we can put our little efforts together
at least.

Please let us know what you all think about this. Thank you,


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