georeferencing and rectify

Luca Bezzi
Wed Jun 14 21:32:12 CEST 2006

Benjamin wrote:

> the georeferencing stuff for GRASS GIS is in the process of updating
> right now. Lots of new features are going into it, 4-points referencing,
> setting out control points along lines ...
> plus a new, nice GUI (see GRASS developers mailing list for recent
> postings).

That's really a good news

> It would certainly be nice to have a stand-alone solution without the
> full complexity of GRASS, too. But I don't see who would be able to
> put the time and effort it takes into doing that.

It is Ok, in the way I work normally it is even better if I can do everything
inside GRASS (I am faster if I don't have to use too many software).
In the meantime I will try others solution... If I find something good I will
post it.

Luca Bezzi

Archaeology & Free Software

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