AGAIN: sharing the data

Benjamin Ducke
Wed Oct 11 15:43:11 CEST 2006

(sorry for the bogus msg preceeding this one ...)

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Benjamin Ducke wrote:
>> E.g. a company that puts a Linux system and some GPL'd
>> firewall software on a network router, then sells it to an internet
>> provider who in turn rents it to a customer still has to release the
>> GPL'd source codes the used in their machine.
> I have to disagree. The GPL is invoked by software
> _distribution_, not by mere use.

Yes, that was exactly my point, I guess the wording of my example
was too clumsy. Legal obligations start at the point you distribute
or publish GPL software in any form. This also includes as part of a web
based service or inside a hardware device.

Of course, as long as you keep everyting in your private PC, you can
do whatever you want with it, but that's not usually the intention
of a free software project, is it?

The example I took is from a legal case that was won by some GPL
advocates a few weeks ago in Germany.


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