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Stefano Costa steko@iosa.it
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Just yesterday we were talking about standards. Here is a message from
the crm-sig mailing list.

IMHO, however, CRM in general has little or nothing to do with a
scientific approach. CIDOC is a general model that has been projected to
fit a wide range of cultural contexts. I have no experience of its
application to archaeological *research* projects (I mean - not CRM).

Maybe others have something more to say about this.

Best regards,


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Dear All,

Nicholas Crofts just informed me, that the CIDOC CRM has been finally
accepted as ISO21127 on Sept 12 2006.

ISO 21127 can be ordered from the following page:


(If you type ISO 21127 into google it comes out top of the list!)

I thank you all for the collaboration on this important work, and
hope that the standard will have a significant impact on the semantic
integration of our resources and our knowledge about the past.

Best wishes,

Stefano Costa
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