References mentioned during the Bagnara lecture

Dorothy Graves
Sat Sep 16 12:53:44 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

The references I mentioned that may be of use to people interested in settlement dynamics, with reference to constraints, etc.

Incorporating Variation in Occupation Span into Settlement-Pattern Analysis       
                                      Robert E. Dewar
                     American Antiquity  >    Vol. 56, No. 4  (Oct., 1991), pp. 604-620      
                                     Stable URL:             

     1. -->                Contending with Contemporaneity in Settlement-Pattern Studies       
                                      Keith W. Kintigh
                     American Antiquity  >    Vol. 59, No. 1  (Jan., 1994), pp. 143-148      
                                     Stable URL:

     2. -->                Contending with Contemporaneity: A Reply to Kintigh       
                                      Robert E. Dewar
                     American Antiquity  >    Vol. 59, No. 1  (Jan., 1994), pp. 149-152      
                                     Stable URL:

If you have access to JSTOR ( through your university, try entering "dewar variation occupation span" into the search engine.  There are a few more results that may be of interest apart from the ones I've given above.

If you don't have access to JSTOR, perhaps you have access to American Antiquity somewhere else.  :)




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