Maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals

Stefano Costa
Mon Sep 18 22:50:16 CEST 2006

Dear all,
as you will notice, after the I-QMDAA Summer School [1], we have some
new subscribers. It's good to see the list grow up.

Here's a link to Allen's paper "Maintaining knowledge about temporal
intervals" that was cited by prof. Bagnara last Saturday during his

Full-text access should be free for everyone. (By the way, Dorothy, I
haven't been in department yet so I didn't read the papers you kindly

During some random talk on Saturday, we found that it would be of some
interest a comparison between Allen's model and the commonly used
archaeological stratigraphy model (in Harris or Carver fashion). At a
first glance, from a conceptual point of view ours could be seen as a
simplified version of Allen's one. But on the other hand there are clues
that make me question whether we have some sort of similar conceptual
framework "embedded" within our research process, that isn't being
explicited but in rare cases.

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