AGAIN: sharing the data

Sebastian Rahtz
Mon Sep 25 00:32:56 CEST 2006

Stefano Costa wrote
> And if you are worried about data selection and preservation for future
> generations, don't forget that there are people in archaeology who use
> to think that we are making (sometimes unconscious) selections at every
> stage of our research, from early projects through data collecting, to
> their publication and dissemination. I don't agree 100% with those
> theories, but I just think we can't ignore this issue when we talk about
> data.
Obviously, we make choices when we record archaeological
data - but within the current norms agreed by our peers.
The important thing, presumably, is a) to articulate and
document those choices; and b) once you are aware
of having collected some data, not to throw it
away without a similar process of articulation and
documentation. If we don't record our processes,
we are not scientists any more.

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