Total Open Station

Chris Puttick
Mon Mar 17 13:46:56 CET 2008

I'd have to ask on features (unless another OA staffer is on the list and has ideas?) as its not my area - although file compatibility with DWG using the (closed but free to use) Open Design Alliance libraries would be a nice option.

I can mentor on the general project/problem solving side and could get a more specialist member of staff (Ben Ducke) to mentor too.

On how many models of Total Station, again I'd have to ask for details, but definitely several different ones in the various offices.


----- "Stefano Costa" <> wrote:
> On ven, 2008-03-14 at 17:57 +0000, Chris Puttick wrote:
> > We're interested... 
> > 
> > Don't suppose you want to add it to the Open Archaeology Launchpad
> > site? You can put a sub-project of it forward as a Google Summer of
> > Code idea then!
> Hi Chris,
> it would be nice to have this project included in Summer of Code:
> Are you willing/available for mentoring? And, most important: how
> many
> different models of total station can you provide? :-)
> For now I have no projects for a GUI and I'll focus on:
>      1. serial connection parameters and communication
>      2. different data formats and data retrieval
> It's going to be modular enough to allow different kinds of output:
> DXF,
> GML, KML, GeoJSON... which other features would be a must for you?
> Best,
> Stefano
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