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Luca Bezzi
Mon May 10 18:21:05 CEST 2010

Hi David,
about resistivity, you can find some documentation here:
In the documents of 2005 (6° Meeting degli Utenti Italiani di GRASS) you can see some slides (and some text, in italian...) about some very old projects in which we used 
GRASS to visualize resistivity data (we did a kind of DEM with normal "x" and "y", but we used resistivity value as "z"). Actually you could do the same with other 
software (e.g. Saga), but we used GRASS to further filter the data with R (statistical software). In the presentation "L'utilizzo di Grass in archeologia" you can check 
the slides 4,5,6 (GRASS) and 7 (R). In the article you can see page 9 and 10 (chapter 4.4 Prospezioni geoelettriche: raccolta,elaborazione, analisi dei dati).
Hope it is useful (even if the projects are really old...).
Nice greetings,

Luca Bezzi

Archaeology & Free Software

On Sat 10/05/ 8 15:16 , "David Hunter" sent:
> Hi Steko (and list),
> (I apologise in advance - despite the .it in the email address, I hadn't
> realised this was an Italian email list. I studied Italian for quite some
> time when I was younger... sadly it's been forgotten!)
> Thank you to everyone who replied.
> To clarify- data is downloaded from instruments using proprietary
> Windows-based software and saved in .csv or .txt files, which I would then
> like to import into appropriate data processing free software in Linux,
> with output to an image file for report creation.
> At this stage, I am working with magnetic, electromagnetic, resistivity and
> ground-penetrating radar data. I also use Trimble RTK GPS to create Digital
> Elevation Models, upon which I would like to overlay the geophysical data
> plots. In the past, I have used Windows-based proprietary GIS Global
> Mapper, but would like to see what is available in Linux.
> Thanks again for the replies that I received.
> Best wishes,
> David.
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> Il giorno dom, 02/05/2010 alle 02.43 +1000, David Hunter ha scritto:
> > 
> > Hi all on the Linux archaeology list!
> > 
> > I was wondering if anyone is aware of any
> archaeological geophysics> data processing freeware compatible with Linux
> (any distro). I use> Ubuntu, but am willing to distro-hop if I can
> get the right program.> 
> Hi David,
> I have never worked with geophysical tools and data, but at CAA in
> Granada last month I saw Kenneth Kvamme doing a short demonstration of
> GPR data processing with common GIS software. He strongly advocated
> against the use of "black-box" data processing tools, and I'm
> inclinedto agree with him. He was using IDRISI, on GNU/Linux you will find QGIS
> +GRASS or gvSIG to be good programs.
> Another question is if you also need to get raw data from your
> measurement tools.
> If you tell us a bit more about your workflow, we can give more
> specifichints. You will also want to read this short and gentle introduction to
> "Free and non-Free software"
> and
> see how "freeware" isdifferent from "free software". We like the latter :)
> Ciao,
> steko
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