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David Hunter
Mon May 17 01:50:24 CEST 2010

Thanks for that link, Steko. I'll give it a go.

Thanks again,

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Il giorno sab, 08/05/2010 alle 22.16 +1000, David Hunter ha scritto:
> At this stage, I am working with magnetic, electromagnetic,
> resistivity and ground-penetrating radar data. I also use Trimble RTK
> GPS to create Digital Elevation Models, upon which I would like to
> overlay the geophysical data plots. In the past, I have used
> Windows-based proprietary GIS Global Mapper, but would like to see
> what is available in Linux.
I've just found this:

> A collection of tools useful to the archaeological geophysicist and
> surveyor, focussing on the conversion of data from proprietary
> formats, georeferencing them, and tagging with metadata.

Might be interesting. There is also a program for downloading data from
Geoscan Research RM15-D resitivity meters.


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