[ArcheOS] foto rectification

Alessandro.Camiz@uniroma1.it Alessandro.Camiz@uniroma1.it
Sab 4 Feb 2012 15:06:19 CET

As a matter of fact any good photo editor
can be used for photo rectification
even gimp (I use a lot picture publisher, micrografix, now out of production)

just make a frame on the part to rectify
copy and paste in new image
and then skew the image using the corner points
and moving them around to rectify.

in my humble opinion what is missing in e-photo , that works quite fine, and in all photo editors as well
is a measure reference system: a grid,  1 measurement unit
and 1 ortogonal set of lines to be used as reference for rectification

could it be implemented ?

alessandro camiz

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