[ArcheOS] foto rectification

Ricardo Gaidão caioviator@yahoo.com.br
Mer 8 Feb 2012 16:02:16 CET

Although new reflex digital cameras models don't have significative radial distortion, older or cheaper compact models have. 

I talked with Pierre Moulon about a possible use of osm-bundler to  automatically correct radial distortion of a set of digital photos.

Pierre kindly explained me that osm-bundler automatically correct radial distortion of the photos, before process them with PMVS. The rectified photos are saved as .jpg under the pmvs/visualize folder.

I used osm-bundler with success to correct the distortion of a compact Fujifilm A850, using a ceramic tile panel as target.

Unfortunately this only work if you have a set of photos, because osm-bundler can't process individual images.   

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