[Gpm] toshiba tecra mouse question

Ian Zimmerman itz@speakeasy.org
18 Jan 2001 08:44:58 -0800

Andrew> I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop.  It has four "normal"
Andrew> buttons and two other small buttons that work as scrollers in
Andrew> Windows.  The two buttons work fine with gpm and X if use the
Andrew> ps/2 driver, but the other two don't do anything.  Does anyone
Andrew> have any hints about how to activate them?

Did you mean "2 normal buttons and 2 small buttons"?  From the rest of
your post it seems you did.

Andrew> If I don't start gpm and just run "cat /dev/psaux", I see
Andrew> events when I press either of the normal buttons, but nothing
Andrew> when I press the small buttons.  Are these buttons not
Andrew> reported through the ps/2 interface, or is there some special
Andrew> sequence to activate them?  

As a guess, the latter. 

Sorry I cannot help more.  Anyone else?

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