[Gpm] Maintaining (and other stuff)

Alessandro Rubini gpm@lists.prosa.it
Sun, 13 May 2001 08:40:04 +0200

Hello Nico.

>> but I'll make them offline
>> (since you sent the patch offline). But tomorrow (Monday), not today.
> You will make them offline ... what does that mean ?

I meant "I'll report them offline", and then got overloaded and forgot
about it.

> Okay, I understand. I think I could handle those problems,

Very good.

>> Ihave collected some (well, all that I received), and while I didn't
>> integrate them nor plan to (as I don't maintain gpm any more), I'll
>> make them available by ftp RSN.
> What is RSN ?

Really Soon Now. But it didn't happen.

On monday I must deliver two products (and I'll manage to do that by
late night, I fear -- that's the advantage when your clients live in
California :)

Give me Tuesday to collect and publish all the patches I got and revive

> I have checked pub/gpm this evening and didn't find anything,
> so I keep waiting. When you uploaded them I will download them.

It's going to be a mirror of my own box. I'm uploading to
ftp://gnu.systemy.it/pub/gpm and sync it to ftp.prosa.it

> I will setup a gpm site at
> linux.schottelius.org/gpm/
> in the next days, if you agree.

Well, I'd like you to keep my site (and thus ftp.prosa.it) on the loop.
I'll give access to my computer so everything will flow.

> And the next step is to release gpm-1.19.4.

Ok. But for that you should look at all patches and either accept
or refuse them for a reason. 

Thanks for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated.