[gpm] Why is my GPM not working?

Gaoyan Xie gxie@eecs.wsu.edu
Fri Nov 21 03:25:43 CET 2003


I am here seeking help!

I just installed Redhat 9.0 but found the gpm isn't working with my 
GNOME desktop environment:

1)the gpm process is running without any problem;
2)the basic "selection & paste" function of gpm isn't working at all, I 
tried in both gnome terminal and emacs;
3)I couldn't use the middle button of my mouse to scroll a web page in 

I would appreciate any help with this problem. Btw, I use PS2 three 
button mouse, and the gpm was configured with correct mouse type and 
mouse file.

Gaoyan Xie

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