Oleg Gusev oleg@usm.uni-muenchen.de
Mon Apr 19 18:08:37 CEST 2004

On Sunday 18 April 2004 11:51 pm, you wrote:

 Hi Dave,

>  I would guess that we can map the touch pad in
> place of the touch screen. 

The "touch" part of the ALPS device is not (yet) working.
Try 'tpconfig' package to see what i mean.

> Can you upload what you
> have got so far, either image, source or diff?

I am close to a 100MB rootfs image now. IMHO we should start writing
the script that gathers things together.
What i have done was: download the 'required' *.ipk files from
unpack them with
for file in /where/are/the/ipks/* 
	ar x $file; tar xfvzp data.tar.gz ;
and copy the directory structure to the CF card.
Maybe it's better do get 
http://opie.handhelds.org/feed/ipaq/unstable-gcc3, but i have not 
tried it.

> I seen your earlier email about 256 meg CF
> cards.    That's what I've been using and haven't had
> any problems.  

I have a 256MB card with 0K cache (read - it was cheap).
'cardctl ident' doesn't even show a name of the producer.
Sometimes it reports a read error (probably it's not fast enough)
to the 'ide_info' and then the cardmgr makes oops. The pcmcia-cs was
not written with strongarm in mind, and it often shows.
If i boot with the PCMCIA/CF adapter (and it is possible only with
my voltage patches), then i can't insert anything
into CF slot without causing a lot of hda read errors. But if the
same card is in the CF slot, everything works very well.


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