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Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri Aug 13 11:35:40 CEST 2004

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 03:17:31PM +1200, Derek Easte wrote:
> Generally the system now resembles an '80s pc running, say Xenix,
> with multi-consoles, command line, shell programming and so on.
I had that in early 90's, too! (X wasn't usable with only 8Mb of RAM).

> certain keyboard deficiences.
You're welcome to contribute sensible files for loadkeys
and/or patches to the driver.

> The only real "problem" I have noticed so far is the hardware clock appears 
> to "work" differently in native (CE) mode, than linux.
AFAIU, there is no hardware clock, and Linux doesn't cooperate with WinCE
as to preserving the software clock. Oleg has determined where WinCE keeps
the clock, but we have postponed work on making Linux cooperate up until
we have our own bootloader. If you're willing to hack, you're welcome.

In particular, when you leave Linux, it may have overwritten some areas
WinCE uses with random junk, and WinCE will be confused. The only known
solution is to remove all power sources from the Jornada for a few seconds:
power cord, main batteries and backup batteries (on the left side),
so the memory will be completely erased.

Note that when WinCE reboots, you may use Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill the task
that asks you for time&date and other details -- then you can click to
the CF, to hpcboot, and there you are!

> Perhaps I can offer some assistance.
You certainly can. Here are a few possible tasks:
* getting the USB and PCMCIA to work in 2.6
* reproducing the USB to work in 2.4
* getting X to work in a reproducible, distributable way
* putting together a sensible userland distribution (based on OpenEmbedded?)
* putting together a wince bootloader
* adding a feature in Linux to chain boot into next kernel (based on LAB?)
* integrating all this information into the web site.

I'm sure you can imagine other things to do. Pick your poison!

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