Archives, what archives?

Derek Easte
Sat Aug 14 01:45:57 CEST 2004

Hi, I have a few queries about the project.

I still can't get a copy of the mail archive which is supposed to be at
which might give me some clues as to the state of the project or some info 
about what others have achieved, etc. Or maybe my expectations exceed 
actuality (as usual). Anyway, I can post to this list for now.

A couple of quick questions about the current state of the Debian release, 
or whatever, on the 820.

Some of the file tools aren't in the distro, e.g. no "file" command. Also 
"man" and "info" are missing. Is there a reason for their non-inclusion 
(like they don't work or crash the kernel or something)? In other words, is 
it safe to load these binaries from the Debian site, or what? The groff, 
nroff commands are present and seem to work ok. I realise this maybe isn't a 
big issue just now, or are other, usually standard tools, not included for 
some reason?

Ok, after I spend some more time checking out the distro, I might have more 
queries (or not). The biggie here is finding the time to spare on such 
vicarious pursuits.

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