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Wed Feb 11 04:10:58 CET 2004


The MK-4004GAH is NOT a PCMCIA Hard Disk.  It has an ATA-3/4/5 interface,
and is used in devices like the iPod.  The pinout is not the same as a
PCMCIA slot.  I suppose a small cable could be made up, if you were
REALLY inclined, but it wouldn't be elegant.  However, you can get a 2GB
or a 5GB PCMCIA hard disk from toshiba.  

for more information.  

The Type II Compactflash Microdrives are probably a better buy, unless
you can get a PCMCIA drive off eBay cheaply.

My Jornada 820 has no problems running with 2GB PCMCIA Toshiba Hard Disk.
 I haven't done any power tests etc yet, as I only recently repaired the
connector from the LCD to the mainboard.  It had become intermittent and
needed to be fluxed and retinned/soldered.  However, the Jornada 820
seems to be running fine at the moment.  I will try booting the latest
Jornada 820 patch / kernel, soon...

Has anyone started on USB yet?  If not, I am happy to put my kernel
hacking abilities to use, as I have dealt with some embedded USB host
controllers before.  I think the SA-1101 USB host controller should just
be a simple backport of the SA-1111 host controller.  I already have a
USB mouse, USB-IDE adapter, USB mass-storage pen / SD reader and a USB
keyboard to test with.  If George or someone has a partial patch going,
then perhaps I can help???

Oleg, you mentioned something about needing a DMA API?

Also, what is the status of power management, VGA output, etc?

Thanks for hacking the Jornada 820, George.  Hopefully we can have a 100%
functional kernel running soon.


On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 03:58:23 +0100, "Francois-Rene Rideau"
<fare@tunes.org> said:
> To those of you who can afford:
> * you can get 2GB Type II CompactFlash microdrives
>  for EUR 199 on retail in Europe.
> * for a bit over EUR 200, you can find a 40GB Type II PCMCIA harddisk
>  from Toshiba: the MK-4004GAH. (But then, you'll have to get networking
>  through CF, USB or serial.)
> With a hard-disk, we can have swap, which alleviates the problem with
> dirth of RAM, and we can install a pretty standard debian
> without having to think hard about squeezing things up.
> I hesitate which I'll get, but I'll definitely get either.
> (Mind that the 2GB thing already draws more power than flash memory,
> and that the 40GB must draw even more power.)
> Also, another solution could be USB storage, if the USB support gets
> added.
> Cheers!
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