Userland for Linux on HP Jornada 820

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu Jan 29 01:07:46 CET 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 03:42:12PM -0800, David Jones wrote:
> Good point.  I was working on the assumption that we
> could use a CF card for storage instead of memory.
We definitely can, and I suppose that's the way we will do indeed.
But even then, you'll find that a total amount of 16MB of RAM,
without swap (unless you have a real disk instead of solid state memory),
is not that much. And you must substract 2MB or so for the kernel
and various system buffers including the framebuffer. Fit a few daemons,
a GUI, some fonts, and not much is left. You might even have to choose
between a GUI and Emacs -- and I for one definitely choose Emacs :-)
That said, on my 1993 laptop, I also had but 16MB of RAM, and swap wasn't
needed as long as I didn't start compiling. Now I didn't have a fancy
modern standard-compliant web browser with anti-aliased fonts either.

In any case, we'll see. Talk is cheap. Is anyone here up to it?
Personally, I chicken out. No time for the next few weeks.
And that's why I once again congratulate and dearly thank George Almasi.
Cheerios, George!

PS: for testing purposes, you may use this small disk image
that came with an early version of linux for the 720. Since the
original URL isn't valid anymore, I've made it world-readable
on my mirror site
Once in the jornada section, see in /linux/720/

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