Oleg Gusev
Tue Jun 29 10:42:26 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 12:39 am, you wrote:
> I have hopefully fixed the build infrastructure (Makefile, etc.)
> so that you should be able to build everything as
> 	make j820-26
> (see make targets for details).

Some minor comments, because i don't really have time 
for hacking now:
1. put 
as the first target in the Makefile, so one can see what
targets can be built with 'make' or 'make targets' .
2. There is no 'oldconfig' on the clean setup, so the compilation
breaks and you need to 'make j820-26' once again.
3. What about adding the gcc-3.4 & binutils download and
    compilation to the Makefile ? I'll be interested in an 
   automatic build of the 'arm-wince-pe' toolchain.

Later I will try to test how much time this setup needs
on a beefy machine with 16 itanium2 processors :)


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