my j820 toolchain breaks

Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri Mar 26 02:14:09 CET 2004

Can you tell me why the kernels I compile won't get booted by hpcboot???
The very same hpcboot will start without a problem those kernels made by Dave.

So do you have a working setup? Which is it?
Can you cp -al or rsync -a your tree and make a diff wrt to latest CVS?
If you use cp -al, it might be a good idea to make the original read-only
(e.g. owner by another user or chattr -i).
What toolchain(s) do you use, as installed how?

Wondering about my toolchain, I used arm-linux-objdump -x to compare
my non-bootable kernel to dave's bootable one,
and saw no noticeable difference.

All: Can you test that my non-working binary doesn't work for you?
 (the latter might not be present yet, till my new build is done.)
Dave: Can you upload to a working zImage and so I may test
 just the link step?
Oleg: if you're familiar with the hpcboot sources, can you tell me what
 hpcboot does between the moment it prints
	load link 991 zero clear link 0.
 and the moment it prints
	kernel entry address: 0xc0800000
	framebuffer: 640x480 type=3 linebytes=640 addr=0xc0002e00
	console = 1
 near the end of the boot sequence?

I've installed the 2.95.3 toolchain and will be trying with it
(already fixed a function in j820_keyb.c that relied on a recent gcc).

PS: I'd like to hack 32MB memory detection, and discovered that the method
used by blob to autodetect memory clobbers one word of memory every 1MB
(among possible other things) -- which might pretty well explain
why I had trouble with blob when I last tried, last year.
Blob really expects to sit in ROM or Flash at be able to waste the RAM.
Is there a better canonical way to discover the amount of RAM?

PPS: the replacement 2GB tinydrive I got seems fux0red at about the same
place as the first one. Could it be an artefact of the kernel driver?
Are there settings to use on the linux side so as to be "safe" with
a microdrive?

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