release ?

Oleg Gusev
Sun May 9 01:44:33 CEST 2004

On Sunday 09 May 2004 01:17 am, you wrote:
> We could pretty much release now.
It works for _you_ and for _me_, but i don't get such an impression
from the posts of other people here on this list.
The release is the files we can put in "released" area on
with minimal instructions how to install it.

> Dunno. I'm kind of satisfied with the current setup, except for the way
> apm and debian scripts interact (BAD).

Where can i download your .config ?

> * without my reverting part of your patch wrt inverting voltage bits
>  on Socket 0, my NIC doesn't work. Should I commit my patch,
>  or does it break anything for you?

Your patch is (IMHO) in principle wrong. All of my 3.3V CF cards don't work
with it. I don't say that the PCMCIA code is 100% ok. There are two issues:
1. the cards inserted before starting cardmgr are not setup
    properly (stupid [battery dead] flags set on boot CF)
2. Some 5V cards are not initialized properly.

> My own setup was starting from the zaurus-debian big image
> and installing lots of stuff on top. It requires a 512MB CF or bigger,
> plus a NFS server for extra stuff (docs, /var/lib/dpkg, etc.)

You must be joking. I have removed the docs, but still have X
and opie in 128MB. If i will remove the never used locales/timezones,
and japanese/chinese/korean fonts, then there will be plenty of space.

> and isn't stable yet (biggest issue being kapmd), and I haven't tested X
> (what server do you use? can you post configuration files?),

I have posted a list of debian packages i have put on top of the zaurus image.
X/server is one of them.

> Other options:
> * some zaurus image
IMO, the best idea, but i'm biased. I have zaurus, too :)

> * some jornada720 or iPAQ image
> * familiar

Are they not the same ? Last time i have looked, familiar is very strongly
tied to hpaq.

> I'm all for releasing a bootimage next week.

> As for rootfs, I am not ready, but if you are, way to go!

I must think about solving the problem of non-us packages, since is
in the US. Otherwise you know what i will say.


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