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Ogg: AVCHD files


Could someone give me any hints to deal with AVCHD (*.MTS) files with free software?

I've tried mplayer (MPlayer SVN-r37150-4.8.3) with no result.
ffmpeg (version 2.1.5) seems go better: it'a problem on my hw resource, also, I think (Athlon 64X2@2.7Ghz, with 4GB RAM).

And these files are on some DVD UDF that are damaged, too.
GNU ddrescue (v.1.17) is a excellent tool for recovering a disk image, then I'd carve it with foremost. 
Foremost (version 1.5.7) is also a excellent tool, but needs instructions on what types of file are to be found.
File (v.5.19) enigmatically say that *.MTS files are "data".

With a little research on the net I cannot found the signature (magic number) for these files: it's depends on copyright reason?

I've tried also empirically with hexdump and strings on the head of some valid MTS file, looking for it.
Then on the basis of some MTS file head comparison I've write these lines on my foremost.conf
# euristic AVCHD MTS from head confontation:
    MTS    y    2000000000 \x00 \x00 \xb0 \x11 \x00 \x00 \xc1 \x00 \x00 \x00 \x00 \xe0 \x1f \x00 \x01 \xe1 \x00 \x23 \x5a \xab \x82 

Is this a reliable test?


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