gnome-2.4 per sid

Alessio Dessi
Dom 14 Set 2003 21:01:47 CEST

per chi fosse interessato hanno messo su un repositorey per G2.4

buon divertimento a tutti :-)


Christian Marillat <> wrote:
> Packaging 2.4 take exactly one day. We don't need 2 months to push
> 2.4 in unstable.

and was right.

Josselin Mouette <> answered:
> Debian is not about providing crappy packages in one day. We are
> committed to provide a high-quality distribution, and it of course
> requires high-quality packages. Not one-day packages.

and was right.

But lots of people wants to play with Gnome 2.4 and its wonderful
gnome-about application so I did it.

I coordinated myself here:

(list created from

And produced debs (only for i386) that are available with:
  deb gnome2.4-sid/

The process was to download current Debian package and current Gnome
release and to apply patches from the first to the second.

Random notes:

 - built against XFree86 4.3 from experimental
 - not Debian-quality packages
 - upgrade fails; need to run apt-get -f install once to correct some
   overwriting files
 - tries not to diverge from sid packages but:
   - librsvg now depends on libcroco (I thought it was necessary)
   - libbonobo creates both libbonobo and bonobo-activation packages
   - control-center builds fontilus and I put themus in a separate
 - sources are available on
   but my upload rate is low so I sometimes only uploaded the .diff.gz
   and not the upstream .tar.gz
 - Gnome 2.4 feels faster on my computer and I'm happy with it



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