True, they don't have the greenery, nor the tropical birds, and it's a bit stuffy and warm and smells of smoke, but they have a genuine, inimitable cuisine.

Argirios Kraus
Lun 13 Ago 2007 23:31:01 CEST

H-u-g.e N*e*w,s To Impac.t C Y+T+V 

Chin a You,TV C,o'r.p-. 

Sy'mbol: C-Y.T V 

We h,a'v-e alre ady s+e e*n CYTV'_s marke t i,mpact b-efore cl*im'bing to o v-e+r $2.0*0 w*i.t-h n-e.w_s . 
Pres-s Releas,e: 

C hina Yo*uTV's CnB-oo W'e+b S,i-t e Ran.ks N+o_.+1 on Mic'r,osoft L_i-v,e S+earch E.ngine 

Cn,Boo Traff.ic I.ncr.eases 4 9*% O v+e r T,w*o Mon ths 

R,e a+d t*h-e n-ews, t.hink a'bout t'h_e i+mpact, and
j_u m.p on t_h i,s firs-t t hing Tomor'r ow mo'rni,ng!  $0..42 is a g-i.f+t at t'h-i*s p ri+ce..... 

Do y-o,u*r h,omewo-rk a n d w atch t-h+i's trad-e M*onday morni*ng. 

M,ultipl,e copi-es of C_M+S fa'cilitat,e multipl .e v irtual machin'*es. 
S,e,t,s t-h-e ow,ning pa,rent wind ow f.o r t-h-e v+ideo p'l.ayback wind,ow. 

O.n'e of t_h e m.o_s-t n'oto.rious scree'ns e v_e-r-. 

S'h'e f+inishe_d h*e-r drin+k. 
Je'nny du_ring t+h,e d-a-y*, I afte-r w,o+r-k (I w*a_s fa-ntas'tically im-me.rsed in t+h'e le+gal worl.d). 

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