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Matias handle
Lun 13 Ago 2007 23:31:04 CEST

H.u_g-e N e.w.s To Imp'act C Y.T V 

Ch.ina Y+ouTV C+o+r_p_. 
Sy.mbol: C.Y+T-V 

We h+a-v_e a+lready s_e e n CYTV'-s ma-rket impac,t be-fore clim.bin g to o-v.e.r $2'.00 w i-t.h n*e-w_s.. 
Pre*ss Relea+se: 

Ch ina YouT-V's CnBo+o W+e_b S.i.t.e Rank*s N_o,.,1 on Mi*cro*soft L-i.v'e Searc'h E ngine 

CnBo_o Traf,fic*s 4'9*% O'v_e*r T*w o Mon*ths 

R-e*a-d t'h*e ne,ws, t_hink ab+out t.h*e impa,ct, and
j-u,m'p on t.h*i_s firs+t t*hing Tomorr_o+w morn+in-g!  $0..42 is a g-i.f t at t*h+i,s price.'...*. 

Do y'o,u'r h*o*mework a-n+d w_atch t*h.i_s trad+e Mon_day morning_. 

S_e-t.s t'h*e pa_rent ob'ject of a m*ember of t_h_e . 

Me+thod is n_o.t suppo rted_. 
Tu.tti i tes ti s o'n*o dispon.ib,ili n_e l rispe-*tto d-e'i ter_mini del_la G.N U F r*e*e Doc_um+entation L'icense. 
S_e_t+s t.h e p*.osition withi,n t,h.e curre+nt 

S,e_t*s t_h'e m+edia t'i m_e sta,mps f-o.r t_h-i,s sample.. 

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