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Theodore Adair
Mar 14 Ago 2007 10:54:58 CEST

168B Mynes C & Fin is ONE of the leading providers a consulting at the earth. Our success depends both on up quality of services & on quality managed and reliable business processes.

It is the reason why quality of our general concern. However, the only way to reach supreme quality of our business is permanent struggle for quality and engineering in stable procedures.

Whis is not possible to reach high quality standards without dedicated personnel striving for Excellent operation of processes and projects in their daily life. Currently we have a Financier opening. No deadlines for applications are set.

The Job of Financial Mng includes processing of money transfers, sent to his personal bank accounts by company clients. Upon receiving a transfer the Main Manager has to redirect it to the account specified by our dispatchers. All you need for this job are: 3-4 free hours at day, your wish, ability to work in a team & responsibility. The initial wages will equal five percent a total monthly turnover.

Requirements to employee: 

 - 20 years and high
 - Be able to check your email several times in day
 * Should have business or personal bank account, or open new
 ^ Have a skill to communicate and access to the Internet.
 - Confident PC user (SW package Office), mail programs, Internet
 ~ Foreign language (EN is preferable).
 ~ Have have of opportunity in any working hours to go to closest WU location & make money trans .


 - Generous fee
 (Your salary will originally make five % at each payment. Your fee will originally made 5 % from each pay. After 5 remittances if you will operatively job & correctly, your earnings raises up to ten %. )
 - Opportunity is increase of your salary. 
 - Free conference  and training courses (After six months at great job).

Interested of this vacancy, send your CV on

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All right res.
Personal number: 200D5epamvkrc103492205213df217

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