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Lorenzo Appelton
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 Custom Blinds, Curtains & Drapes 50% Off! 

neitherdoubt nor danger can quench; but yet  it  is  not  a zeal altogether according toknowledge; wherefore, my son, I would  willingly   n1i29  be  myself 

thy interrogator, and thy counsellor, in  these  days  qmrwgn129   of  darkness  and   n1i29  stratagem. " With the respect which he  owed  wgn1i29   to  his  first  qmrwgn129   instructor, 

Roland Graeme went  qmrwgn129  rapidly through the events which   mrwgn1i9  the  reader  is  acquainted  with; and while he disguised not from the prelate the   qmrwgn129  impression  gn1i29    pqmrwgni29  which  had  been  made  on  his 

mind by the arguments of the preacher Henderson,      mrwgn1i9  he    accidentally    1i29   and    almost involuntarily gave his Father Confessor to understand the  influence  which   qmrwgn129  Catherine  Seyton  had 

acquired over his mind."It is with joy I discover, my dearest son, "   gn1i29   1i29  replied  the Abbot,"that  gn1i29  I havearrived in time to arrest  thee  on  the  verge   qmrwgn129  of  the   wgn1i29  precipice  to 

which thou wert approaching. These doubts  of  which  you  complain,   are  the  weeds    which naturally grow up in a strong soil,  wgn1i29  and  require  the  careful  hand  of  the   husbandman   mrwgn1i9    to 

eradicate them. Thou must study a little volume, which   n1i29  I  will   wgn1i29  impart  to  thee  in  fitting time, in which,  pqmrwgni29  by Our Lady's grace, I have  placed  in  somewhat   1i29  a  clearer  light  than 

heretofore, the points debated betwixt us and these heretics,   who  sow  among  the  wgn1i29   wheat the same tares which were formerly  privily   mrwgn1i9  mingled  with  the  good  seed   n1i29  by    1i29   n1i29   the 

Albigenses and the Lollards. But it is not by  reason  alone  that   1i29  you  must  hope  to  conquer these insinuations of  gn1i29  the enemy: It is sometimes by timely resistance,  but  oftener  by  timely 

flight. You must shut  qmrwgn129  your ears against  the  arguments  of  pqmrwgni29     the    heresiarch,      when  pqmrwgni29  circumstances    permit    you    qmrwgn129   not     to    mrwgn1i9      withdraw 

the foot from his company. Anchor  your  thoughts  upon  the service of Our Lady, while he is expending in  vain  his  heretical  1i29   sophistry.   Are  you 

unable  n1i29  to maintain your attention on heavenly objects - think  rather  on  thine  own  earthly pleasures, than  qmrwgn129  tempt Providence and the Saints by giving an  attentive  ear  to  mrwgn1i9   the  erring 

doctrine  pqmrwgni29  - think of thy hawk, thy hound,  gn1i29  thine angling  rod,   thy  sword  and  buckler  - think even of Catherine Seyton, rather than give thy soul to the  lessons  of  1i29   the  tempter. 

Alas! my son, believe not that, worn out with woes, and bent  more  by  affliction  pqmrwgni29   than  by years, I have forgotten the effect of  1i29  beauty over the  heart  of  youth.   Even  in  the 

watches of the night, broken by thoughts of an imprisoned Queen, a  distracted  pqmrwgni29   kingdom,   a church laid waste and ruinous, come  other  thoughts  than  these  suggest,    gn1i29  and  hilings 

which belonged to an earlier and happier course of  qmrwgn129  life. Be it so - we  must  bear  our  load as we may: and not in vain are these phiions implanted in our rest, since,   as  now  in 

thy case, they may come in aid  qmrwgn129  of  gn1i29  resolutions founded upon  higher  grounds.   Yet  beware, my son - this Catherine Seyton is the daughter of one of Scotland's proudest,  as   qmrwgn129  well  as 

most worthy barons; and thy state may not suffer thee, as yet, to aspire so  high.   But thus it is - Heaven works its purposes  through  human  folly;  and  gn1i29   Douglas's   ambitious .

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