Updating Italian libc translation for ESTALE in glibc

Daniele Forsi dforsi@gmail.com
Lun 17 Apr 2023 22:46:35 CEST

Hello Carlos,

> I have an Italian translation for ESTALE that could be used.

the translations that you quoted are wrong because they are
translating "handle" as "handling"
> msgstr "Gestione del file NFS interrotta"
> msgstr "Gestione file obsoleti"

the word "handle" is difficult to translate in this context and I
don't know a translation for "stale" in this context better than the
one in RHEL6 and RHEL7, however I would use a singular form, so I
msgid "Stale file handle"
msgstr "Handle di file obsoleto"

I found some hits on search engines for "handle di file" but none for
"handle di file obsoleto"

thank you for raising this issue
Daniele Forsi

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