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Thu Oct 5 16:21:41 CEST 2006

Over the last 10 years I have worked on many academic and commercial
excavations and have seen the need for a modern approach to data handling
both onsite and off. The result is - the culmination of a
year?s work by archaeologists and software developers. It is an evolving
website for the storage, management, manipulation and publication of
excavation data. It is totally free and we think far advanced of any data
recording system in use on any academic or commercial excavation today. 

The reason for offering Nabonidus to the archaeological community is that we
believe a system such as this could change archaeological excavation and
research across the world. It is currently used by the Pompeii
Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia run by the University of
Michigan and Stanford University and has the capacity to be used by 1000?s
of excavations. All data is secure and private, accessible and malleable and
the system can be adapted to any excavation?s needs. Nabonidus saves
enormous amounts of work and time for archaeologists both onsite and during
post excavation research. Even if you are currently using a database for
your excavation, all information can be easily imported from this into the
Nabonidus system. Please if you have the time; take a look at the website
and at the demonstration excavations and feel free to experiment. There is a
PDF attached with more information.

Nabonidus is produced on an entirely voluntary basis. It has been built by
archaeologists for archaeologists so if you have any questions or
contributions please get in touch at ? your
suggestions will be incorporated into the next build. Thank you for reading

Sam Wood
Nabonidus Administrator
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