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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 24 17:57:40 CET 2007

Jason Jorgenson wrote:
> I am writing some software under the GPL right now, and utilizing GRASS,
> QGis, and POSTGis.  I am currently writing up a manual of sorts for my
> program, but I do have questions and would appreciate some input.  As 
> almost
> all of this is directly pertinent for my thesis, is there anything I 
> would
> need to do or be aware of if I do make this all available under a GPL
> license?
Your main consideration is to make sure you actually own
the software, ie that you are able to license it. If you are
a PhD student, what is your funding? any sponsorship?
 what agreement have you signed with your employer
or university?

If you *do* own it, you have copyright by default, you don't
do anything special. You just give someone a copy of
the software with a licence agreement attached (ie the GPL).
That is the contract. If I do not accept your contract,
I have no right to use your stuff.

Put a GPL notice in every separate file of code or data
as a comment. ie simply
 Copyright Jason Jorgenson
 Licensed under the GPL, see file LICENSE
or the like

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